SOCIAL MEDIA: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

There's been an ongoing trend of exhibition of violence of various forms especially on the social media space.

First, let me say that the social media is a platform for sharing information, educating, entertaining and general interaction.

It may surprise you that a lot of people don't even know why they are online.

 They just enjoy the idea of uncensored and limitless freedom so they believe they can freely say anything without fear of repercussion.

True, we cannot dispute the place of fun, jokes and all other forms of comic relief, not at all, after all the social media is also an escape route for some of us who've had a very stressful and hectic day.

So these comic relief help to cheer and crack us up leaving us clutching our ribs from laughter at humorous and savagery comments.

Having said that, it is important for every reasonable and responsible person to be sensitive and understand that there is time for everything.

You cannot walk into a board meeting where everyone is seriously strategizing and make a joke about something as delicate as the financial growth of the organisation.

Surely they'll ask who brought a jester into the wrong place.

A few days ago it was about a woman who responded to a post on domestic violence by giving a subtle counsel on how to terminate the life of an unfaithful husband.

Despite the fact that I do not support infidelity, violence is never the solution.

Another case was of a full-grown man responding to a case as delicate as child molestation by openly telling the world that he prefers underaged for sex.

In other words, he's a pedophile!

When he noticed that his response was frowned at, he claimed he was joking.

Really? Who jokes with such?

I personally think these two need psychiatric evaluation, including the lady who used abusive words at a baby, because to me they have spoken from the abundance of their heart.

Remember that when you log into Facebook your wall shows; 'What's on your mind?' meaning that whatever you post is what you have in mind.

Don't let people misjudge you because you made a careless statement.

Your words reflect who you are!

I just want to plead with you, let us renew our minds with positivity, there's too much hatred, pain, crime, anger, violence, bitterness, and evil in the world today.

Please let's not allow all these negative and toxic vibe to eat us up.

The world will surely be a better place if we love, care, share, encourage one another and hope for the best.

This is just a nudge at your conscience to open up your heart and let love lead you.

My 2 kobo opinion!

I love you all.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Social media has evolved from a play ground to a serious platform where people will hold you accountable for whatever you say. This is why I am cautious most times when posting so that I won't shoot myself in the leg.

    Interesting post! I enjoyed reading it. Kudos, Tory teller.

    1. Very true dear Kemiclassico. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I believe there is need for enlightenment -lots of it.

    Like you rightly said, many just say whatever because there's no Social Media Police to arrest them, meanwhile, lives are getting ruined, people are getting killed and negative movements are being formed because of what peeps say online.

    So much for "Woke Generation"...pheeew!

    1. Thank you Bolaji Gelax.
      We hope this woke generation will hear word!


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