On my way to work this morning, I got to the park where I usually board a mini-bus that drops me at my office estate.

The bus that was loading already had 7 passengers but still wasn't full, true mini-bus carry 7 passengers but this was a different case.

A woman sat in the front seat while 6 dimkpas (please ask your Igbo friend the meaning) occupied 4 seats at the back.

Yea, you guessed right, they lapped each other.

I already noticed that their weight had affected the tire of the bus but I couldn't care less if the driver was unperturbed about it, who am I to complain?

There were 2 seats available, one at back and one next to the door.

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If you know a mini-bus very well you'll understand how discomforting it is to board the last row of seats.
Anyway, I humbled myself and boarded.

The moment my buttocks landed on the seat, there was an obvious odoriferous presence that bamboozled me instantly.

I suddenly starting choking and feeling nauseous all at the same time.

The atmosphere in the bus was something else, my nose was in tremendous torture from the thick, mature, sweaty and dirty B.O released from a combination of unshowered body, unshaved armpit, and unbrushed dentition.

Perfect combo for the destruction of human lives!

I saw my spirit leaving my body but I knew I wasn't ready for eternity.

I thought about my husband, kids, parents, siblings, friends, and fans, who will make them laugh if I'm not here?
I said to myself "Ah! No way! The Tory Teller must stay alive!"

With the speed of lightning, I jumped down from the bus!

One of the dimkpas said, "Aunty you no go again? Chance still dey here o!"

While he was talking 4 thick drops of saliva escaped from his mouth and landed on the seat he was indicating for me.

That was it! My mind was made up.

I bluntly told the driver, " I will join the next bus!" Without mincing words.

I started heading for the next bus in the queue, turning a deaf ear to the calls and pleas.

I rather go late to work than die in transit!

Dimkpa means able-bodied men!😉B.O means body odor🙊

Photo credit: Capstone Dental Seven Hills
© Onyinye Udeh


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