VALENTINE'S DAY: What Love is about! 3

So it's today, the very special day everyone believes is the day of love.

The 14th day has obviously made February a very special month from my observation.

Now here are my responses to the questions asked earlier.

Once again, these are the questions:

1. What does love mean to you?

Love to me is word that cannot be spoken without an action. In other words, love is an action word that must be shown and expressed.

You cannot say you love someone without proving it by acting it out.

When you say you love someone you should be able to do things that will reflect your words.

And hey, it's not about the opposite sex alone, it's a general thing.

2. Who was your first crush?

Hmm. I'm struggling to remember which was officially a crush because I've always liked boys. Lolz. I love them male folks you know.

I think my first crush should be one I met after secondary school, because I attended an all girls secondary school.

Well his name was Daniel and I liked him because he was good looking, back then, and very intelligent.

We actually met during JAMB lesson in 2001.

Amazingly he's my friend on Facebook now and we bumped into each other 2 years ago.

That was when I realized that, like Bolaji said earlier, he's not so fine anymore. Lolz.

I'm glad my hubby is more handsome than he is. 

3. How and when did you meet your partner?

I met my hubby in school, The University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN, and yes we were coursemates. Lolz.

We were friends, then became lovers and...

The rest, you know.

4. What would make your Valentine's day perfect?

After several thoughts, I think I'll just love to hang out with hubby that evening and if possible not return home till after 2 days.

Don't ask me where and what we'll be doing please.

I just need a baby sitter for my kids for the weekend.

5. Drop a love note for your spouse.

Dear Hubby of life, thank you for staying with me this long and please fulfill all you promised me this year.

And yes I wrote a poem for you for Valentine's day, to be published in the next episode. Lolz

6. For those yet to be in a relationship, what are your expectations?


7. Mention one person you'd like to meet in person.

Well, I sincerely and earnestly desire to see Jesus the son of God. Lolz

But I'd love to meet you that is reading my blog post.

So there you have my answers but truth be told, there will be various forms of love expression today, worldwide as a matter of fact.

This is because Valentine's day has actually received so much attachment to love but I beg to differ.

My question as regards this day is, should love be shown or expressed only on this day?

In my opinion, No!

There shouldn't be a timetable for love.

Whenever and wherever you are, please show love by caring, helping, giving, supporting, encouraging, and every way possible.

I'm sure you've heard this before, Love makes the world go round, but it's a fact.

Just a little love can win a heart, touch a life or transform a soul.

Let's all try out best to reach to anyone we can, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, everyone around you.

And I assure you, life will be a whole lot better if we do.

Special thanks to all who responded to our questions, Happiness, Ayobami, Uche, Bolaji, Muna, Kehinde, Nkechi, Bukky, Chinelo, surprisingly they were all females.

Awww, ain't women so lovely?

Thanks y'all for your swift response, I appreciate.

Remember, I love you now and always.

Happy Valentine Y'all.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Are you shading Daniel ni? 😂 You said he was good looking back then.

    It was a beautiful series to read. Have a very powerful 😉 Valentine!

    1. Lolz. Dear Ken, No I am not shading Daniel but he's no longer as fine as he was back then anyway.


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