VALENTINE'S DAY: What Love is all about! 1

It's the month of February and yes love is in the air this season as we all know.

This is that time of the year when many profess, declare and proclaim how much someone special means to them, however true it is or not.

Anyway, let's bask in the ambiance of the season.

Love is a beautiful thing, even God himself associates himself with love so who are we, mere mortals not to enjoy the feeling that loves brings?

In a bid to make you happy this season, Yours truly has taken time to sample the opinion of people around about what love means to them.

You know that this is where it always happens, you know I gat you!

So let's get the ball rolling.

So these are the questions for Valentine.

1. What does love mean to you?

2. Who was your first crush?

3. How and where did you meet your partner?

4. What would make your Valentine's day perfect?

5. Drop a love note for your spouse

6. For those yet to be in a relationship, what are your expectations?

7. Mention one person you would like to meet in person.

Well, here are some of the responses I received. Enjoy!

Chinelo says:
1. A decision to place someone's needs above yours.

2. A guy named Gideon. I don't know where he is now.

3. He was childhood friends with my senior cousins.

4. A surprise gift from my husband.

5. Oga Biko buy me car, it's overdue.

6. Skipped (she's married)

7. Gbenga Titiloye

Bukky says:

1. Love means sacrifice.

2. My Dad.

3. Imaginary partner. 😁

4. Love don die.

5. Vacation in Bora Bora.

6. Lips sealed, just my fantasy.

7. I don't enter into a relationship with many expectations, happiness is free, spice it up, forget the Cinderella story cause it can't always be that way all the time.

Muna says:

1. To me, love means sacrifices, letting go, brings real, accepting the other person the way they are, forgiveness, giving, talking too, sharing, companionship, correcting passionately, seeing positivity in the other person. Love means so much to me. I might not be able to mention all love means to me.

2. First crush, I'm a born flirt 😁😁 but I guess my immediate ex cause he is handsome and very intelligent (extremely intelligent if I may say)

3. Met boo in Murtala Muhammed International Airport. My elder bro, his wife and l went to welcome my bro that I had not seen in 7 years. Dude also came to carry him. I provoke oh. Tell am say lie-lie, Paulson is going home with us not you (he's my bro's pal). He just casually said, ' Paulo, is this that my wife I normally see her pictures? She's finer in person!'
Me, I looked at him from up to fish and inside me I said, 'see this short engine oh, mtchewww...'
Lolz. The story is long but that was our first meeting!

4. A night with only Boo in a hotel room. Just cuddling up with him all night will be perfect for me.

5. You made me whole. You're my air, my heart, my love, my joy, my brother, my father, my boyfriend, and my permanent boyfriend. Being with you just makes eternity seem to short.
You're not perfect but this Imperfect you, that's all I ask for. I'll keep loving you till eternity becomes nothing.
Even if the world stops, I won't stop loving you.
Women kill husbands these days but one thing you should be rest assured is that I will never dream of killing you cause your soul is such a lovely one that anybody around you benefits from it. It's not worth being quenched. Never.
I'll always stand by you through thick and thin (I guess 2019 should confirm the thin part to you) if I can go on and on Boo.
If truly there's reincarnation, just be this same you, I'll be the same me and I will marry you over and over again. God bless you my small but spiritually tall glass of wonder man.

6. Skipped.

7. Desmond Elliot.😁😁

Kenny says:

1. Love is a boundless sacrifice.

2. Ah, my first crush was this boy I went to holiday lesson with (either Taofeek or Lanre).

3. Sweet gist - in the presence of our Lord.

4. A chilled night in with a good movie.

5. Boo, I lurr you immeasurably ( even though you are not yet spouse) and I know you know it.

6. A man with the strength of Samson, the humility of David and the wisdom of Solomon.

7. I'll just say it. My number one Bae Kuksy!!!

So there you have a few responses about Valentine.

But hey, this ain't all, I've saved the best for the last. There's more coming in shortly and Yours 6 will be sharing with you her opinion about Valentine and love so relax and expect more.

Until then, don't forget that Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you.


© Onyinye Udeh.



  1. Muna is such a... what's the word now? Clown? I don't even know but I enjoyed reading her responses.

    I totally agree with Chinelo, Bukky, Muna & Kenny, LOVE = SACRIFICE.

    Check this out:

    1. Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it anyway.
      Stay tunned. There's more.


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