VALENTINE'S DAY: What Love is all about! 2

Still in the spirit of the season, Love, this is the continuation of responses gotten on people's experiences and opinions about love.

Tomorrow is the D-Day and Yes there will a very special edition of our Valentine experience in 2020.

Once again, these are the questions:
1. What does love mean to you?
2. Who was your first crush?
3. How and when did you meet your partner?
4. What would make your Valentine's day perfect?
5. Drop a love note for your spouse.
6. For those yet to be in a relationship, what are your expectations?
7. Mention one person you'd like to meet in person.

Well here are some more answers:

Bolaji says:
1. Love to me means caring, sacrificing and choosing to choose who you've chosen.
2. Tolu Sanni, my classmate in primary school. He was so damnnnnnn fineeeee!
But iI realized recently that he wasn't as fine as I thought.
3. God hasn't orchestrated our meet yet.
4. Minimum of 6-digit credit alert.
5. I've got no spouse yet.
6. Not applicable.
7. Vector da Viper & Brymo

Nkechi says:
1. Love is a decision; it is a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Nne, dude is still MIA. I have no idea where he is. If you have his details, biko hand it over.

4. Valentine is no special day for me; so no expectations. (But since there's gonna be office parry, I would appreciate Ayobami and Onyinye's share of cake.

5. I haven't met you yet (or have I?); but when you do show up, I'm sure you will be everything I needed and didn't know I wanted, and you and I together will be naked and unashamed.

6. The Michael Hosea kind of man in Redeeming Love.

7. Francine Rivers and Mia Sheridan, all-time favorite authors

Happiness says:
1. love is giving and receiving, boy to girl or friend to friend. Love is a true and sincere feeling you have towards someone.
2. My first crush was Umeh Julian.
3. I met my to-be partner at home. Funny enough, we lived opposite each other but didn't know we were meant to be.
4. A good movie and evening with my favourite one.
5. You've been a great support and help ever since our paths crosse. Couldn't have made it this far without you. I cherish you a lot. Thank you for all that you do.
6. Not applicable
7. Mrs. Onyinyechi Udeh, nee Nwaozor.

Uchechi says:

1. Love is a risk that gets you excited about playing it.
As long as you are genuinely in love, nothing will be too hard to pay for this risk.

2. My first crush was Caleb, this really cute boy in my primary school class (I still remember the white strands of hair that peppered his otherwise black hair. lmao). The crush died when I left primary school sha. 
So, we die here!

3. N/A

4. Who needs a valentine's day when you can always tell your love every single day that you love them and you thank them for being in your life. No biggie. And hey, other people, whether you share intimacy with them or not are worthy of your love.

5. Just know that I have had my time with life.

6. just be kind. Tough. Warm. Sexy. Goofy.

7. If you interest me, I'd like to meet you.

Ayobami says:

1. Love is not just the mushy feeling of attraction we feel towards the opposite sex. It's a choice made to honour and be with someone special and create wonderful memories with them.
2. My first crush was my primary school teacher--- Uncle Emma.
He is one of the kindest teachers I have ever met.
 I met him in front of Ikeja city mall during the protest by Batch A stream 2 corpers in 2016.
Uncle was tripping for me while I was busy protesting for a better Nigeria

4.   4. This (inserts a picture of bread and beans, eya-agoyin) will make my Val perfect with my big baby rubbing the back of my head while I eat.

5.    5. Dear Olaseni, I am growing to love you more each day and I'm glad I chose you.
Loving you comes so easy and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

6. N/A

 7. Jackie Chan. My childhood hero. But in Nigeria, Supreme leader.

Well, you have it!
On another note, you could get ideas from other people's perspectives and expectations.

If you're still wondering what to do for that special person in your life, now you have various options to pick from.

Watch out for my own response in the next episode.

Stay tuned!

© Onyinye Udeh


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