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It's the first Friday, the 13th of the year and guess what... it's the day you are allowed to Blame someone, anyone but you for whatever isn't going well with you.

It is Blame Someone Else day baby *wink*

Well, personally, I choose to call it Akon's Day because of his "Sorry, Blame It On Me" song.

"You can put the blame on me..."
So yeah it is Akon's day.

But really, why do we blame others?

1. We blame other people as a defense mechanism to deny our responsibilities OR to share or totally pass faults unto others.

2. We could find ourselves blaming others for our own actions and mistakes because we consider ourselves 'Goody two shoes' who can never be wrong. Issssh!

3. We also blame others when something goes wrong in our life OR due to a traumatic experience, abuse, injustice, unfair punishment, etc we've had to suffer in the hands of others.

4. Lastly, we blame others because it is very easy to do.

Blame Someone Else Day was actually invented by Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan as far back as 1982. On a fateful day in 1982, Anne's alarm had failed to go off and that resulted in a series of bad luck events throughout the day.

Coincidentally, the day fell on Friday the 13th, a day tagged to be a bad luck day… well, go figure. She blamed everything and everyone else for all the bad events of that day, from her alarm, to the day being Friday the 13th, you name it!

And now, together in this post, we shall be pointing fingers at every other person but us for whatever isn't right. Ready?

Who shall we blame today?

Your mum for getting pregnant outside wedlock?
Your dad for denying his responsibilities?
Your grannies for only seeing you as your mother’s mistake?
Your neighbors for always pointing at you when you walk past?
Your classmates for the many not-so-nice names they called you?

Who Shall We Blame Today?

Your parents for making you go to bed hungry
Your cousin for touching you inappropriately in the dead of the night
The child you had that made you drop out of school
The boy who denied fathering your child and left you stranded
The parents who died when you needed their support the most

Who Shall We Blame Today?

The girl who sang like a nightingale and made you fall head over heels
The boy who promised you this world and all therein
The friend who stabbed you in the back out of jealousy
The nightingale girl who left you for a richer dude
The boy who you loved more than anything that left you for her

Who Shall We Blame Today?

Definitely not you for listening to her songs and dreaming along!
Absolutely not you for believing all that he said and building your world around him!
How dare anyone blame you for trusting your friend wholeheartedly?
What?! Your inability to provide her with everything she wanted isn't your fault!
Who on earth could blame you for loving him as though your very existence depended on it?

Who Shall We Blame Today?

The government you voted into power who misused the power
The politicians you campaigned for who went back on their promises
The institutions that betrayed your trust
But surely not you for voting them into the power they now misuse
Surely not you for thinking they are the change taking us to the next level

Who Shall We Blame Today?

The subjects that seemed too difficult to understand
The class teacher who always called you dumb and useless
The father who always said you could never amount to anything
The mother who thinks if you didn’t come along she would have made it
The system for being so nepotistic, sexist, racist, tribalistic and unjust

Who Shall We Blame Today?

Him for hitting you
Her for comparing you
Them for telling you to endure
Us for expecting you to be perfect

But surely, not you for choosing to stay just because…

Who Shall We Blame Today?

The friends you feel you had to borrow to keep up
The internet for making you feel you are not doing well
Your parents for pushing you to get married because everyone else is
Your family for expecting you to man up, do something and assume financial responsibilities
Surely, not you for succumbing to these pressures

Who Shall We Blame Today?

The Italian who brought Corona virus into our country?
The authorities who allowed him into our country?
The Westerners who are surprised we've only reported a few cases on our continent?
The authorities who do not think there's a need to restrict certain entries yet?
Our health sector that we have almost no confidence in their preparedness to handle this pandemic?

Who Shall We Blame Today?

God, for allowing evils in the world?
God, for taking our beloved ones?
God, for not picking your calls?
God, for all your failed efforts?
God, for making you a Nigerian?

Who Shall We Blame Today?

It’s Blame Someone Else Day, you are allowed to blame anyone and everyone else but YOU -just today!

But remember, no matter who you blame, it is your life and you are responsible for it.

Feel free to blame every other person but yourself today but at exactly 12:00 am Saturday, 14-03-2020, it is time to blame no one else but you.

"When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy."– Dalai Lama

Take charge of your life. What happened yesterday, you cannot change but you sure as hell can decide what happens tomorrow. Never forget, "The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life." - Hal Elrod.

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Bolaji Gelax aka Miss Flowery is an OAP and a badass writer. You can follow her blogs at

I hope you enjoyed reading.

So who do you hold grudge against?

Feel free to blame that person in the comment section, after all It's Blame someone else's Day!

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  1. Ahn! I learnt something new today. No wonder Friday the 13th has a bad rap. I used to wonder why because I didn't even know until last year. Thanks for the write-up.

    1. You're welcome Ken. The Tory teller is at your service. I hope you have subscribed too.

  2. I'm glad I read this. Not going to take any responsibility for my actions until the clock strikes 12 midnight.

  3. Yaaaaaay! Mama I made it ����

  4. I enjoyed reading this.
    Even though this is at a later date. Lemme goan look for someone blame now now.

    1. Hahahaha. Never too late to blame someone! Thanks for stopping by.


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