Our beloved year 2020 gave us an extra day in the second month.

That's why it's called a leap year.

So in all honesty, was it favourable to you?

Yes? No? Maybe? You ain't sure?

Hey, that's in the past you know. Yes, because March's here already.

Wow! Two months done and dusted.

Well, I hope it's been worth it so far for you.

As for me, I'm loving every single day as it comes.

Taking it will all the challenges and victories, struggles and wins.

Giving myself more reasons to be hopeful and stay positive always.

So yes we're marching on!

Happy New Month People!

I hope that March treats us better than her predecessors.

This month we'll be delving into some very interesting topics that affect everyone of us one way or the other.

In a few days time, it'll be the International day to celebrate the world's most important and talked about gender.

Yeah, you guessed right, Women!

Nice, ain't it?

So in commemoration to that we'll be having some special guests to discuss certain issues with us.

The male folks aren't left out though, after all the world is made up of both genders.

Boy! I'm already excited about it.

This is one collaboration you don't wanna miss.

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And don't fail to tell someone to do same, I'm counting on you!

So let's get the ball rolling.

Is there an issue you'd like us to discuss?

Please free feel to drop your suggestions in the comment section.

The Tory Teller's here for you as usual, with plenty Tory this month!

I love you and I wish you the best of the New Month as we March on Together!

© Onyinye Udeh.


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