It’s that time of the year when we once again remember she who brought us forth into the world.

Let me share a little part of my personal motherhood story with you.

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Being a mother is one of the most tasking, fulfilling, challenging, demanding and yet rewarding jobs a woman can ever have.

I think I have earned the right to talk about motherhood having been one for over a decade now.

The journey has been a very interesting one and most times words are insufficient to describe it.

I became a mother quite early in life, even before I expected it. As a matter of fact, it took me unawareness.

Where do I start my motherhood tale from? Is it the sleepless nights? The general body transformation? The unstable and abnormal eating habit? The discomforts? The sacrifices? The hormonal alteration or frequent mood swings? Or how my life automatically changed forever?

Maybe I should start from the very beginning when I first “fell pregnant”, in the words of Linda Ikeji.

I had just graduated from the University and gotten married, don’t mind me, love was making my head to be turning oniown so much that we could not wait. Lolz.

Hubby and I (2010)

I previously had plans of starting my career life for a while before settling down to raise a family of my own. But guess what? We got pregnant!

At that time my husband, also a fresh graduate and was away in the North for his one year National Youth Service while I who deferred my service stayed back with my folks.

I must confess it was not an easy one but I remain grateful to my mother, she is indeed the true definition of motherhood. She was (and still is) my support system.

My mum and Hero!

On the 1st of May 2009, I joined the motherhood queue behind my mum. My first fruit came into this world by exactly 8.05am after all the expected delivery dates given by my gynecologist had passed.

I welcomed my baby girl a day before my 24th birthday and the feeling was blissfully awesome.

The moment the doctor placed her in my arms seconds after she arrived, I wept tears of joy, I immediately forgot all the pain and discomfort I had experienced. 

It actually felt like a dream because I couldn’t believe that little me could have such a huge baby.

By the way, she weighed 4.4kg at birth. Don’t ask me how come mbok.

Being the first grandchild of my parents, she was loved and cared for by all my family members. No wonder she’s so fond of them.

My daughter was about 10 months old when her dad passed out of Service and I had to travel to Edo State for my NYSC orientation.

My daughter and I

I think that was actually the first official bonding time for father and daughter, only God knows how they managed during my 3 weeks orientation in camp till I was finally redeployed to be with my family.

An unemployed husband, a serving wife with a monthly salary of 19900 Naira and an 11 months old baby, that's when the real hustle began!

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There is more of my motherhood story.

Kindly indicate in the comment section if you would like to read more.

Also, feel free to drop a shout out to as many mothers as you want to celebrate today.

This special motherhood tale is dedicated to all mothers who embrace their responsibilities with joy in spite of all its ups and down, your labour of love will never be in vain.

To all single mothers and widows who play the role of both mother and father to their kids, your efforts will never go unnoticed or unrewarded.

To all sisters, cousins and aunties who help their siblings in taking care of their kids, God bless you and make you mothers someday.

To all women expecting the blessing of the fruit of the womb, your tears are not in vain and soon your heart’s desire will manifest.

 I see you all!

You are worth celebrating today and every day of your existence.

Love and Blessings to you all!

Happy Mothers’ Day from The Tory Teller!

© Onyinye Udeh


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