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So I promised y'all that we'll be having some guest writers on the blog this month.

Well, just so you know The Tory Teller' keeps her word.

This is another interesting story, adapted from a real-life incident and written by one of our guest writers.


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It was 10:30am and my body kept insisting I continued my sleep.

Lola surely did not make my night peaceful at all. It was either gist or movies till 2am. She called it "best friends night out". Remind me never to have that girl over at my place till weekends. I really wonder how she never gets tired of having fun.

I hurriedly prepared for work and made my way to the car. I really must get to the office before 12pm. "Lagos traffic please have mercy on me, it was all Lola's fault" I muttered as I drove passed the traffic light.

Suddenly, it hit me that I had not come up with a topic to discuss on my program this afternoon. Mr. Tolu will not have it at all, I better come up with something interesting before I get to his office.

"Dear Lord please save me this one time, I promise I'll be more organized next time" I quickly prayed as I drove further.

Approaching the 3rd roundabout, there was a little traffic jam. What could be the cause of this mini chaos I wondered.

Getting closer, I discovered it was the conductor of a commercial bus having a fight with the passengers concerning change, Typical Lagos drama.

Thank God it's not that serious, I really need to beat time. Then my brain suddenly juggled, 'what would Debby discuss with her eager audience on today's episode of "Let's gist"?'.

The thought of the Conductor and passenger wahala flashed through my mind then I said to myself self "Why not discuss Lagos conductor palava? I'm sure a lot of people can relate to it"

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"Good Afternoon Debby, I'm sure you have something interesting for us this afternoon" Mr. Tolu's voice jerked me back to reality.  "Yes Sir," I said as I followed him to his office to briefly discuss my new found topic, thanks to the traffic.

It was just 10 minutes into the program and our office lines have been buzzing as listeners called in to share their different experiences with both bus drivers and conductors.

Some experiences were really annoying, others were very hilarious that I couldn't help but laugh with my colleagues when we went on a commercial break. Finally, I was grateful I didn't let my listeners, sponsors, and producer down as usual.

The day was really very busy for me, I forgot to remove my phone from silence after I left the studio. I got busy with meetings and other stuff that I didn't even touch my phone.

At the close of work, I grabbed my bag and headed to the car. On my way to the car park, I picked up my phone to see what's been up.

11 missed calls, 7 from Mum, 2 from Lola, 1 from Mr. Tolu and 1 from an unknown number.

The real bother here is why mum called me 7 times. What could be wrong? Is everything fine with Mum?

What could be the reason for the calls from Debby's mum?

Drop your suspicions at the comment session below


Miss Kelechi Chukwuma is an OAP, voice-over artist, event host, and a practicing journalist. She enjoys all forms of writing and is into business consult. You can follow her on or @officialkay_cee.

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  1. Wow,I really like the way your guest writer writes. I think Debby's mum is calling about her relationship 😂. I hope my guess is right.

    Pls, post part2 ...The suspense is killin

  2. I think the mum wants to ask her why she hasn't brought home a man for her to see; typical naija mum. I love the story line ����

  3. Mama don't know what's going on in Debby's life.... So an explanation is needed.


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