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****           ****         ****           ****

"Hello Mommy, I'm sorry I missed your call, Please is everything alright?" I tried to sound as calm as I could.

 "Debby Omo mi where have you been tori oloru? You want to give me high blood pressure?" mommy asked in a not too angry tone.

 "I'm sorry mom I was busy at work and my phone was on silence" I explained, still waiting for the reason behind her several calls I had missed.

"Busy!!! Busy!!! Busy!!! That's all I hear these days. You don't come over to the mainland to see me as you used to, Man nko? No man!!! You're always busy!!" this time the tone was harsh.

Did I mention that my mom is the Queen of Drama Queens? Could this be the reason for the several calls?

Wait!!! How did "Man" enter the picture now? See me thinking it was something more serious. Can this woman ever change?

"Hello? Hello? Woo!!! Come and see me this weekend o! You hear me? No excuse Debby" she said.

While I was still saying "Yes ma" she immediately hung up. She obviously wasn't waiting for my reply.

At this point, I was looking for who I could transfer the aggression to. Then I remembered Lola also called.

"Lola What?" I said with a little bit of anger immediately she picked my call.

"You this girl, where did you keep your phone?" Lola said in her usual high spirited voice.

"Abeg leave that story first what's up?" I replied.

"Anyway your landlord came to the house to inform you of some renovations that will commence in a few days, he said some workers will be coming to the house from time to time so you should let them in" she explained.

"Why didn't he call me?" was the first question that popped up in my head. Then I remembered he must have been the one calling with the strange number that I missed earlier.

“Ehen, Babe there’s a party tonight” she quickly chipped in before I dismissed her.

“Party ke see I’m really exhausted goodnight abeg,” No persuading would work at this point, so she didn’t even bother.

All I could think of at this point was a cold shower and some good food as I drove home.

The rest of the night was for me, my bed and movies. I deserved the rest after a really rough but productive day.

I know it may seem like I’m really not bothered about my meeting with Mom this weekend but trust me, deep down I’m worried.

Where could this discussion be channeled to? Well, the weekend is just a few hours away. I tried to console myself with happy thoughts and I slept off.

A few days later, I began to see strange faces in the compound, moving in and out of the vacant flat opposite mine.

Mr. Obi was really serious about this renovation thing. The building was not that old so I’m sure his major focus was the house opposite mine, could we be expecting a new neighbor? I wondered a bit before heading off to the office.

         ***            ****                    ****                   ****                    ****              ****

“Hello guys and welcome to your favourite juicy spot. It’s your girl Debby and I’ve got a hot topic to discuss today. Tell someone to tell a friend that “Let’s Gist” is on and we’ll be discussing something really interesting after this break”.

Immediately I went on a commercial break from my show, Mommy’s call came in. I dare not miss this call, not again.

“Mommy Good afternoon ma” I greeted.

“Debby bawo ni? I know you are about to go on air. This is a quick reminder of our meeting tomorrow, Alright… Take care my dear” She ended the call.

My show went on as usual; funny callers and comments on our social media platforms helped me ease my tension.

Lola’s company also helped my mood when I got home. She told me about the party and her manhunt tales at the party. Lola is a hot babe that just isn’t ready to be with one man yet. She’ll rather have a lot at her fingertip than stay committed to just one. 'Why have one when you can have them all' like she always says.

I surely cannot forget that I’ll be seeing Mom tomorrow.

          ****                   ****                 ****                  ****                    ****

Lost in thought, I could only see mommy’s lips moving. As for the words coming out of her mouth, they were like tin air.

Could this really be why mommy wanted to see me? An ultimatum to get a man sooner or she would matchmake me with anyone?  Is she really serious?  I am her only child! Does she think it’s easy to find a good man? As a matter of fact, all the good men are taken in this Lagos.

“Debby omo mi I need a grandchild from you tori oloru, you are a beautiful young lady. What man would not want to have you? Give these men a chance; reduce this busy schedule of yours. You hear me?” she tried to sound as nice as possible after throwing me a bomb.

“Alright mom, I need to beat traffic now. We would keep in touch, take care” I said this while hugging her goodbye.

When I got home, I got a mail from the office notifying me of a media training that would be held in Abuja. The mail indicated that I and my Producer, Mr. Tolu, would be representing the station at the training. Is this supposed to be good news or not?  I’m having mixed feelings about this.

             ****                         *****                     ****                     *****                      ****


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    Well let's see what will happen

  2. She may end up having a one night stand with Mr Tolu on the last night of the Training.


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