It's another 20th of March, The International Day of Happiness!

My first question for you is, 'are you happy?'

Yes? No? Maybe? Not sure?

Okay before you choose your answer to that question, let me ask again, 'what makes you happy?'

Your spouse? Job? Family? Boss? Colleagues? Achievements? Success? Financial boom? Gifts?

What exactly? Please take some time to deeply think about this before you respond.

Happiness is the state of being Happy and this is synonymous with joy, pleasure, contentment, glee, satisfaction, cheerfulness, delight, merriment, jubilation, ecstasy and a whole lot of positive feeling.

So I believe that if you have a positive feeling then, you have a good reason to be happy.

Now all these answers mentioned above may be one of the reasons for your happiness but I do not think you should limit it to that.

In my opinion, since Happiness is a feeling, that means it is controlled and determined by you.

The moment you allow someone else determine how you feel or your state of mind, you have automatically given such a person control of your life.

Do not let your satisfaction or contentment depend on anybody or on material things because they may one day fail you. If you let any situation determine how you feel, you are on a very loooong thing because you may be disappointed.

Some day you would find it difficult to stay happy if that situation is not favourable to you as you expect. Take charge of your feeling and let your happiness come from within.

Look around you and find good reasons to be happy. Where there is life, there is hope.

This worldwide celebration of Happiness day was conceptualized by Jayme Illien in order to achieve the global goals of the United Nations aimed at maintaining Happiness, wellbeing, and freedom of every person on earth.

Isn't that Awesome?

So if you ever think that no one cares about you, this should make you have a rethink!

You are of the utmost importance that the United Nations is looking out for your wellbeing and wants you to be happy. Now that should make you raise your shoulder and walk with pride, right?

Another special reason to celebrate this day is that notwithstanding the pandemic causing panic in the world, you are still here. Alive and Kicking!

Here are a few things you can do to make this day special and a Happy one:

1. Take yourself out to a nice place and give yourself a good treat, well as long as that place isn't crowded anyway.

2. Hangout with friends or family and spent quality time with them. Share fond memories with them. Have a good laugh too. Happiness is contagious in case you didn't know.

3. Call a friend or two and see a movie together, maybe a comedy, it will help relieve you of stress and leave you laughing out loud.

4. Check up on family and friends and let them know that you care. Who knows, your call, message or visit may be healing to someone.

5.  Get something nice for someone, anyone. Just spread some love any way you can. Love is always medicine to the soul.

So here you have it. I am sure that if you try any of these it'll give you more than enough reasons to be happy.

On a final note, today happens to be the birthday of a special friend and blog sister, Bolaji Gelax, aka Miss Flowery. So this is a massive shout out to her, wishing her all that her heart desires as she adds another year. Thanks, Dear B.J for all the love and support you give me. You are deeply loved!

The Tory Teller and Miss Flowery

You can check out her blog https://gelaxchatroom.com/

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Lastly, what would make you happy at this moment? Drop your response in the comment section. Who knows, I may just be your Genie!

Remember The Tory Teller loves you plenty.

Have a Happy Weekend and Stay safe always!

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Onyinye Udeh


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