I am certain that at this point there's nobody within and outside our country of residence that is ignorant of the ongoing pandemic that is threatening the lives of people worldwide.

COVID-19 is the most talked about virus at the moment and discussions these days seem incomplete without mentioning it.

It's even scarier that it's not affecting just the common man but has invaded and handicapped the high and mighty of our society.

Truth be told, the Corona Virus is no respecter of person.

Currently, countries are on lock down in a bid to curtail and disable the spread of this virus.

Many of you reading this are at home in compliance with the stay-at-home order by the government.

We cannot argue with fact that our home is the safest place for now as long as we adhere to the precautionary measures suggested by medical personnel.

I'm sure a couple of people are staying at home grudgingly, but I want you to look on the bright side.

By now you know I am a positive person and I love to look for a good reason even in a bad situation, no matter how small it is.

That's just my personality, no apologises.

Let me share a few advantages of staying at home during this lock down period:

1. Now you have enough time to read as many books as possible.

2. For those who have been struggling with personal Bible study time, this will also give you enough time to study your Bible and pray especially for the nation, our leaders and the world at large.
For the healing of our land, for wisdom on behalf of those in authority, also for the medical researchers who are making effort to find a solution to this issue.

3. This is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. There's no excuse for going anywhere. You're stuck with them, so let the bonding begin.

4. It will improve our general hygiene habits. The handwashing and sanitizing routine is a plus.

5. This period will enable us to be more conscious of our surroundings and environment and maintain thorough cleanliness.

6. Now you have extra time to take care of those household chores you've been procrastinating all this while. Isn't that awesome?

7. This also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life and review the year so far. Your goals for 2020, what is still pending and what have you been able to achieve? Time for reevaluation.

8. Time to ignite your spiritual consciousness. Many of you have actually prayed more now than you ever did all through the year. That's a good one if only you will continue it even after this phase passes.

9. You also have the opportunity to reconnect with those you've been unable to communicate with all these while. Not visitation please. Calls and messages for now.

10. Lastly, this will definitely give you enough room for personal development. You have spare time to participate in some online courses and trainings. 

Undauntedly, you should be coming out of this lock down as a better version of you.

Now you know how this situation will be favourable to you, why not grab the opportunity with both hands?

There's no time as now.

You can add your own suggestions and opinions in the comment section.

Just a little reminder for you and your family to stay safe at all times.

I love you and I'm joining you in prayers that this passes soon.

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© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Lovely piece Tory-Teller. This is indeed insightful. I guess this Lockdown is a blessing in disguise.

    1. Yes I agree.
      Let's try as much as we can to stay positive this period.


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