Hello people!
Happy Stay-at-home y'all.
I trust you're all having a good time indoors right?

Did you say no? Oh wow! Really?

Well, I thought you were enjoying the lockdown.

Okay sincerely it hasn't been funny, I know.

That's the problem with change. It's not easy to adjust to it.

So I recall that in my previous post I listed a few things you can achieve during this lockdown.

Have you tried any of them? Maybe some?

If you've been able to achieve at least 5, then that's a pass mark.

I owe you a gift.

Just mention the ones you've carried out in the comment section so I can send you your gift.

After all, we're in a very sensitive time globally. Any act of kindness will definitely be appreciated I'm sure.

As for me, my family's taking about 80% of my time and attention this period.

I ain't complaining though. There's no better time than now to spend time with them and yes, they're worth it.

One main challenge is that their appetite level has skyrocketed beyond my expectations.

The way they demand for food is alarming, without consideration or reservation of feeling!

Now their favourite channel is Food Network on DSTV, where they see a variety of dishes and start pressuring me to try it out.

Hey God! Who sent me?

Please, how can I remove this channel from my cable network?

I've had to up my cooking skills as a result of this and I've even started trying out various delicacies, as much as I can afford anyway.

I cannot overstretch my budget biko, life will not end in COVID-19 lockdown.

Mbanu! God will keep us to continue our life after this lockdown.

Anyway, what have you been up to this period?

Please share with us in the comment section, let's encourage each other.

This April will end well, that I am sure of.

Don't let all the negative news flying on social media scare you.

Stay positive and hopeful.

We're a few days from Easter and I have something special to reveal to you soon.

Stay at home and stay safe y'all.

The Tory Teller loves you.


Photo credit: Swiggy
© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Sleeping. Eating. Reading.

    My daily routine

    1. Lolz.
      I can imagine.
      Keep it up dear as long as you don't stay idle.

  2. Yaayii, I'm coming to join the kids.

    As for me I've been taking online courses to up my digital marketing career and I've also been doing some cool legit stuff to make money online.
    I made my first 5k today and sounds very cool.
    I can show u how too

    1. Wow! That's great.
      Well done Jay!
      You're always welcome dear, as far you can find your way here without being arrested or infected. Lolz


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