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“Baby girl how far na, how did your weekend getaway with Mr. Tolu go? I’m sure there is plenty gist, just wait let me get you a cold glass of Juice for this hot gist” Lola hurriedly went to fetch me juice because she knew gist was coming through.

This crazy girl packed her bags to come stay with me for a whole week because she has plans of setting me up for some blind dates.

Mom’s ultimatum was getting close and she would not have me marry some random dude mom would be bringing.

“Oya take, abeg give me the gist as e dey hot jare” she handed the juice over and sat eagerly.

I wasn’t sure which I should be more concerned about, Mom’s wahala, Mr. Tolu’s Saga or the workers that disturbed our tranquility with their banging and chiseling sounds.

Na wa o, that Mr. Tolu that used to form strict so he can be like this? That’s really crazy o.”

Just when I was about saying “As in eh” Lola interrupted with “Ehen babe, the hook up starts tonight, we would cool off with some serious groove at the club and who knows, you just might see a nice guy there”.

Is this girl high or something? It can’t be me she is talking to. I sighed immediately and walked away from her.

               ***              ***                    ***                   ***                       ***

I found myself at the club very unwilling, but I needed to take my mind off the ugly scene with Mr. Tolu. I got some passes but I just wasn’t into any of them. I either walked away politely or excused myself.

“Dear Lord, I cannot go through this stress of a hook up because of Mom, please save me from this nightmare” I silently prayed.

After a while, I dragged Lola into the car and went home to catch some sleep.

I wasn’t looking forward to Monday because I cannot avoid seeing Mr. Tolu, we both would discuss the topic for my program before I go on air.

The thought of that alone gave me some serious headache as I walked into the station.

“Debby, please see me in my office immediately,” Mr. Tolu said in a serious tone.

I rolled my eyes as I reluctantly followed him to his office.

“Please seat, first I would like to apologize for my behaviour at the dinner party in Abuja. It is really not my nature…” he paused a bit and turned to see my reaction.

At this point, I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded affirmatively hoping he would just discuss my topic so I could leave his office.

"It was all my wife’s idea, she caused this whole thing. I’m not used to this but she insisted.” He said regrettably.

My ears tingled when I heard him mention his wife; I didn’t know when my mouth said “your wife?”

“Yes dear, we were doing role play to add sparks to our marriage and sex life. That was my wife at the event, I’m really sorry you had to see us that way”

As soon as he said this, my jaw dropped open. See me drinking panadol for his wife, I should apologize for saying those things I said and for jumping into conclusion.

“I am so sorry sir for my unnecessary outburst that day, I’m sorry about all I said,” I was not done when he cut in and told me it was all good, reminding me of my program.

We concluded the meeting and I went to the studio.

The rest of the day wasn’t so stressful but I was looking forward to giving Lola details of my shocking findings about the 'Mr. Tolu saga.'

Then the thought of another hookup/blind date hit me and I suddenly became depressed. When will I find the right guy abeg? God when?

               ***               ***                       ***                     ***                  ***

“Oh, there she is, good evening Debby we were just talking about you. This is Charles our potential tenant for the vacant flat opposite you.” Mr. Obi said with a smile as I walked into the compound.

I had to force a smile through my really stressed face and stretched my hand towards Charles for a handshake.

“Hello, I’m Debby welcome, don’t mean to be rude but I’m very tired and need to sleep. I guess we would see some other time.”

He smiled and nodded in agreement after the handshake. I hurried into the house to break the news to Lola.

She laughed so hard that I almost felt stupid. Who sent me to tell this silly girl now?  We went further with our gist and were having a swell time till mum called again.

She simply wanted to remind me of the ultimatum and that the time was drawing nearer. I hate being pressured to do anything at all. Can someone wake me up from this dream?

                   ***                 ***                   ***                   ***                ***

“Baby I just can’t wait to see you when you get back. I’m glad you won in the competition, I’m super proud of you.” Charles said with so much excitement.

“Ya, I’m glad my hard work has finally paid. I’ll also like to discuss something with you when I come back” Sofia said.

Charles was glad he had finally gotten a house and was moving his things gradually while he waited for his sweetheart’s return.

He further told Sofia how he has finally become an addict to the "Let’s Gist" radio program. As a matter of fact, he said he would really love to meet the presenter someday.

Sofia laughed so hard at his thought but did not forget to drop the “I told you so line”.

         ***                   ***                 ***                    ***            ***

I was preparing for work when I heard some disturbing noise, I dashed out of my flat to see what was going on.

There was the new tenet from the other day, I tried to recall his name but I couldn’t.

“Hello!!! Good morning, I see you finally took the house offer with Mr. Obi” I said to him with a smile.

“Oh, yes, it was about the best offer on the table so I just had to.” He replied with a very friendly smile.

“I’m Charles, I never got to properly introduce myself. I guess you were really stressed the last time…” he said while he stretched for a handshake.

We got talking further but somewhere in my head I just couldn’t help but notice he was very attractive. How could I be having this kind of thought abeg? Lola the manhunter has finally rubbed off on me.

Yes, you guessed right, after our little intro, I went straight to Lola to give her the gist.

Ehe Debby!!! I must see this guy oh. Where is he? I need to shoot my shot jare” typical Lola said.

Abeg I’m off to work if you like don’t go to work too” I left her and headed out. I waved Charles goodbye as I drove off to work.

I had barely begun my journey when it hit me, I had not prepared a topic for my program.

“Can Lagos hustle save me again today?  Why am I unprepared again?” I wondered.

I kept brainstorming until I got to the office. As I walked into the station, Lola sent a text reminding me of another hookup this night.

Can this girl and mum give me a break? I’m really tired, I need to breathe. The past hookups began to play in my head; I began to have mixed feelings. I felt angry, sad and fed up with the whole ultimatum and manhunt.

I guess I’ve found myself a topic but sadly, not a permanent solution to my “man problems”

            ***                   ***               ***               ***             ***

Charles and Sofia were on their way to the new house from the airport. Sofia had no idea what Charles had up his sleeves. He just kept looking at her and smiling mischievously.

After getting no answer from her curiosity, Sofia decided to relax and let things unfold.

Charles drove into the compound and could see the surprise on Sofia's face. David came out of the flat to welcome them, Sofia’s face was still puzzled but she played along. They all got into the flat and Sofia could not hold it any longer.

“Guys, what’s going on? Where are we?” as she turned to Charles to ask further questions, she saw him down on one knee with a box of ring in his hand and a broad smile on his face.

“Sofia my darling, I’m ready to take us to another level. This is our new house, I want us to make it our new home, will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?” Charles seemed bold while he spoke but deep down he was nervous.

Sofia was shocked to her bones; she never expected this at the moment. How was she going to put this in a not too hurtful way?

“Charles, I  … I need to tell you something. I’ll be leaving for the U.K permanently. I got a good deal that requires me to relocate fully. You know this has always been my dream. I want to go far with my modeling career. Besides, I don’t want to settle down yet. I’m so sorry but there is no better way to put the, I can’t marry you. I’m so sorry… I... I can’t,” she ran out in tears.

David looked at Charles in shock, they both could not believe what had just happened.



                            ANTICIPATE THE FINALE!!!

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Miss Kelechi Chukwuma is an OAP, voice-over artist, event host, and a practicing journalist. She enjoys all forms of writing and is into business consult. You can follow her on or @officialkay_cee.

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