It's Easter People.

We just entered the second quarter of the year and it's another memorable time for Christians all around the world as we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

I don't want to bore you with another Easter story this time because I am sure you may have heard it several times.

Contrary to that, I'll share my own personal story on this very special day. Stay with me people, I'm going all spiritual on you right now but I'm sure you'll enjoy it and learn a lesson or two from it.

So I was born into a Christian family, with mum and dad as very active members of the church, serving in various capacities with high calling positions.

It was automatically assumed that my siblings and I were "saved" after all our parents were born again so, being the grandchildren of God, we were covered.

Now that's where most of our parents failed it in those days. God is not a grandparent, He wants to deal with everyone as his son/daughter, He desires a direct and personal relationship with every individual, not second-hand relationship or next of kin kinda relationship.

In case you don't know, God's gat no grandkids! The Bible specifically talks about being children of God.

You'll be astonished to find out that some Preacher's kids may have had this experience too.

Back to my gist, I got acclimatized and indoctrinated into the church procedures. I attended all church programs, meetings, and fellowships and was actively involved in everything that concerned the church, bible quiz, bible clubs, camp meetings to mention but a few.

I gradually moved from children church to teenage church with the same active participation and commitment. I'm sure everyone assumed I was saved with all the responsibilities I was handling.

Unarguably, I could recite several Bible verses and was conversant with almost all the stories in the Bible.

I was almost through with my secondary school education when I realized that I didn't have a personal relationship with God, I had been living under the grace of my parents! Who would have thought?

Well, I discovered this when I was asked during a church program in school about the day I gave my life to Christ and really, I couldn't say.

It was bewildering to be very honest but I am glad that this conviction came to me through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Now The Tory Teller is sounding all spiritual right?

Halleluyah somebody!

Anyway, that was when I began my personal journey with Christ and my Salvation occurred. A journey I do not regret in any way. I am not perfect but by the grace of God, the Holy Spirit has been helping me and yes we are progressing.

This doesn't mean I haven't strayed but I keep pushing and somehow God's mercy helps me find my way back.

You may be wondering why I am telling this story, the truth is that everyone has a choice to make in life, whether to choose good or evil.

Jesus Christ the son of God came and died to give us the opportunity to make the right choice and only those that decide to allow him to take charge of their life will enjoy the full benefits of being saved.

My question for you today is, "What is your relationship with God?"

Think about it thoroughly before you give an answer. And if you would like to know more about this, feel free to let me know.

So this is my Easter story for this year, what's yours?

Wherever you find yourself on this wonderful day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, notwithstanding the global lockdown and stay-at-home instruction, Christ is the reason for the season.

May you find reasons to stay happy, rejoice and celebrate all through this season.

I love you and I wish you a wonderful Easter celebration.


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© Onyinye Udeh


  1. This is timely.
    Thank you for sharing, Tory Teller

  2. Indeed God is no Grandpa he is the Father. For easter at my home after celebrating Christ dead and resurrected. It is about Food.😁

    1. There's always a reason to celebrate during Easter. What Christ did for us is too great to not celebrate.

  3. God has no grandkids. Thank you for this Tory Teller.


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