Hey people,

I trust you're doing everything possible to stay safe, positive and focused this period.

May has been a wonderful month I won't lie. Yes the war against COVID-19 is still on but we are not relenting.

Let me tell you a short story about something that happened to me.

As you all know my birthday was 2 weeks ago, don't mind me I'm still reminiscing about it, I don't even know if I am getting older or younger at heart. Lolz. If you missed that post you can read it here

Anyway, back to my story, I had already booked a photo shoot session at the studio, made plans, arranged my outfits, makeup session and all the paparazzi that comes with it.

On my way to the studio, I wore this lovely V-necked sleeveless black jumpsuit that had an invisible side zip. It was actually a gift I have only worn once.

Immediately I got to the studio, the zip burst open! What?! I kid you not.

I tried to take down the zipper to zip it again but no, it bluntly refused to move an inch. Suddenly I felt so fat and blotted, I guess all the food I have been eating since the lock down decided to display themselves. (Get full details of that here )

To be very honest, I felt awful especially when I had to eventually wreck the dress because the zip wasn't complying. I was upset about it because I'd already planned to slay in the outfit, now this.

I just didn't know how I felt, first hubby had made me unhappy when he said he wasn't sure he'll make it for the session because he had a meeting at the same time.

So much for a family photo session without the head of the family!

I finally resigned to the situation and decided to take off the dress but then something happened.

The photographer encouraged me to take a few shots with the dress while facing one side and it sure was a good idea!

Now I learnt 3 lessons here. I'll come back to this.

While I was wrapping up my personal shots, just after my kids, someone just rushed into the studio.

Yep! You guessed right, hubby!

He'd taken a break from the meeting to come join us. I guess that's the reason I was smiling sheepishly here.

I think I'd kinda concluded he wasn't coming at all so I was excited to see him.

Now I learnt 2 more lessons here too.

You see, life throws a lot at us all the time but what do we do about that? That's what matters.

Do you let circumstances you can't control get the best of you and take away your joy?

No you shouldn't. Now here are some of the lessons I learnt from these situations.

1. My damaged dress almost got the best of me but I decided to look at the bright side and make the best of the situation. I didn't let it keep me upset all day.

When you're in a bad situation try to look for a little reason, no matter how small, to stay positive and salvage the situation, don't look for worst rather think of how best to handle it.

2. Secondly lesson, if I hadn't told you this story about my dress you would never have known that the beautiful picture you've been admiring was taken in a damaged dress.

People see what you want them to see. I can be hungry in the comfort of my house but come to the public and smile, you'll never know how much my tummy bites me from hunger.

Everyone has challenges, but how you handle them is what's important. Nobody's life is picture perfect!

You don't necessarily have to go about cursing yourself or your situation in the public, you'll be surprised how many people are in worst situations than you.

Make every effort to find solutions to your challenges and be diligent in all you do, your efforts will pay off soon.

3. Another lesson, seek help where necessary, please don't die in silence, no one has it all. We're in this struggle together and we need each other.

The photographer's suggestion came in handy, if I hadn't told him the issue I may not have taken this beautiful picture with the lovely dress.

4. Hubby's show of love was amazing. If you don't know, let me inform you now that love is all about sacrifice. Sacrifice of time, treasure and talent.

If you can't make a sacrifice, whether little or huge, you have no business with love.

Before I left the house he made it clear that he wouldn't make it to the studio because I'd taken all day to do my make up and he'd been waiting for me.

You won't believe that make up took more than 4 hours! God have mercy on me! Things of this world! Lolz.

But then while in the meeting he had a rethink and immediately excused himself, and boarded a bike straight to the studio.

I was impressed!

According to him it was my birthday celebration and he wanted me to be happy.

Things we do for love!

5. Last lesson for the day, hubby said he couldn't imagine any other thing that was more important than family.

Now this got me feeling so mushy and tdjaromvrkrbkrjkmwtks! (Don't ask me the meaning)

Family is everything! 

Do you know that yesterday was the International Day of Family?

Family, a special blessing God specifically picked for us. One of the reasons I'm grateful for the lock down.

A lot of families are spending time together for the first time in a long time because of this stay-at-home instruction.

Now that's something positive about a bad situation, you can read more about that here

I hope these lessons will help you have a different perspective about life and things happening around you.

Please do well to share your thoughts about this. I'd love to know if you've been a bad situation that turned out good eventually.

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The Tory Teller loves you and please stay safe.


© Onyinye Udeh.


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