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How is it going with you? Smooth I hope. I trust we have all been good especially since we are gradually going back to our usual routine.

So after the first part of this series, I have been getting lots of feedback in my inbox and my WhatsApp DM. The amount of people that enjoyed reading this is very encouraging and that is why I an dropping this continuation without much ado.

First things first, let me clear the air about something that came up in the course of the first part, some people asked me what my take about sex before marriage is so let me state it clearly, Sex is for married people, full stop!

Call me bush, archaic, ancient, old-fashioned, obsolete, guess what? I choptas not! I know what is right and I will stand by it, I don't care what you think.

Now some other people asked me, how do you know that you are sexually compatible with your spouse if you don't have sex before marriage? Interesting question indeed.

Let me share a personal experience before I give that answer. I won't lie, I don't know it all, like I always say, I am still a big time learner and I am always eager to know more. Forget the speed at which my mouth runs when I am talking, I am an undergraduate in the school of sex!

As usual hubby and I just descended from the mountain of pleasure and ecstasy and I started probing him, he has gotten used to the interview section after communion, hahahahaha.

I asked him what if I was not a virgin and I had several sexual escapades before we got married, he said, hmm that would have been a very challenging task for him because he would have to always do extra to meet up with all my expectations.

He also added that in such a case I will always be comparing him with all the people I have been with and most likely he would not enjoy the process because there was an unspoken target which he had to meet up with and exceed.

Now this got me thinking!

Is that how it feels for people who have such experience?

Let me also state that being chaste before marriage is not a task for ladies alone but for both parties, male and female.

Anyone that tells you that you must abstain from sex before marriage because you are a female is a dishonest and myopic individual.

I believe that abstinence should be the common watchword. That way no one, male or female is under undue and unnecessary pressure to meet or exceed any expectation.

Another advantage of staying chaste is that when you get married, it gives you the opportunity to explore and discover yourselves and your sexual pleasures together. You and your spouse will be on the same frequency.

I hope this gives you reasons to ponder and have a rethink about sex.

Let me stop here for now and drink small water, I will be back. We haven't finished answering the questions though.

I told you this series will be a long one. Feel free to share and tell someone to subscribe to our blog.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section, I would love to hear from you. That's how I would know you were here.

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The Tory Teller loves you.


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  1. Tory_Teller my guy! Oya chop kiss. My own question be say, how una dey manage the children especially since you just "descended from the mountain of pleasure and ecstasy". My time says 8pm here. Please answer o before I goan for who will settle matter.

    1. Hahaha. We will always find a way ooo. Children or not. Sex is important for us, Amen?

  2. Sexually compatible... The devil will always create reasons to justify reasons to violate God's original plan.

  3. Some of us have tasted Eve's apple b4 getting married, I must confess we enjoyed it. Have gone back over & over to have some more. So what's your advice for the singles that already knows how sex tastes and have always gone back for another round.

    1. Dear Buchi I am glad that you are sharing a personal experience with us. Truly it takes lots of courage to do that. No I cannot judge you or say that you have committed a crime. A lot of us are guilty but then because many do it does not make it right. I think you should also take time to have a rethink about your decisions after reading this post. If you are unmarried and having sex, you are disobeying God by defiling your body. I know that it is never to late to decide to keep yourself for spouse if you decide to do right by God. Guess what, God's grace is still available to help you stay away from sex till you get married, as far as you take that decision yourself and make peace with God. I hope I have answered your question.
      When you marry, you go enjoy sex taya!

  4. A controversial topic. Some will say they can't buy without tasting. To avoid stories that touch. But biblically, we are enjoined to be chaste before marriage.

    1. Thanks for dropping by dear. Controversial quite alright but I think decisions about such should depend on what you know is right not about what the multitude thinks. If everyone does the right thing at all times surely the world would be a better place, do you agree?

  5. Tory-Teller how far na? Please come and give us some more tips for this weather

    1. My darling I am so sorry for the delay. I've been almost overwhelmed but I am here now. Our gist continues shortly. Please stay tuned!


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