Hey, Hey, Hey!

I hope you can sense the excitement in this post people.

So yesterday was my 35th birthday and boy! I had a blast. I think this is actually the best birthday since adulthood.

I still have a faint memory of my first birthday. Typical of my African Parents, they wanted to use one stone to kill three birds this time around, so it was a combination birthday for my elder sisters and I.

My 1st birthday. Spot me in the middle.

I cried crazily that day, as I heard. Well there is a picture evidence of that and looking at it now I am sure you will understand why I was crying.

My birthday comes before that of my elder sisters so I know I was the original celebrant, the other two must have been fake celebrants.

What pained me most was that their cakes were 'Bigger' than mine. I really can't wrap my head around that. Please don't blame me, from my point of view it was. Hahahaa. Just wanted to take you down memory lane a little.

So I turned 35 yesterday and the feeling is amazing most especially because of you. The birthday wishes, prayers and kind words were uplifting. I really can't described it.

By 12 am on my birthday, I was sitting in front of my system concluding my birthday blog post when Presh and Sammy, (my kids) came to me carrying cardboard paper of what they had designed.

From Presh

They were actually the first to wish me Happy birthday. They sang for me and I danced. Then they asked me to kneel down that they wanted to pray for me.

You need to hear one of Sammy's prayer point, "Anything that wants to trouble my mummy and make her unhappy be destroyed by fire!" Chai. I am sure that the devil will be afraid of this my prayer warrior.

Looking at their gifts still gives me goosebumps and makes me feel very special and loved. These children love me no be small. Let me forget all their wahala for now. We will come back to that.

From Sammy

When I got to the room, Hubby dearest just lay down on top of me, the way Elisha laid on the son of the woman of Shunem in the Bible, 2Kings 4:32, head to head, body to body but this time around his lips went to my ears as he released blessings upon me in prayers.

Honestly I could feel the anointing and sincerity of heart and I am convinced that heaven heard him so I said a big Amen.

That alone was enough birthday gift for me. I felt so loved and appreciated.

I was wondering somehow is this the same man that I always fight, argue and disagree with? Wonderful. Don't let picture deceive you oh, we quarrel a thousand times and settle a million times. But I know that we love each other so we continue to patch ourselves. Hahahahaha.

After all what is love without fights and disagreements? That's part of the spices in marriage. Sometimes salty and sometimes peppery, but a combination of all these flavours give you a delicious meal as long as you blend them properly in with the right proportion.

Let me tell you frankly, if you think that a couple should never have disagreement you are getting it wrong. Disagreements, misunderstandings and arguments are compulsory for a healthy relationship. That is reality, anyone who tells you otherwise is living a fake life.

I'm sure you experience it with your siblings and parents too but the love remains constant and this is what always brings you all back together.

In complying with the social distance instruction, we didn't entertain visitors at home but I received a lot of video calls from my family and friends and it was indeed special.

Please let me mention that Hubby fried Bean cake (Akara) for me that morning, he said if I don't tell y'all he will not do it again. What a caring man he is. Sorry I didn't snap it because it was somehow burnt. Abeg no tell am wetin I talk.

So later that evening we drove out  to my favourite shawarma spot and we were stopped by some police men who kept asking us questions and requesting several documents. I got tired of the interrogation especially when they informed us that from Monday they would be arresting anyone who doesn't have safety kits like face mask, hand gloves and hand sanitizer.


I hope they don't mistakenly arrest an infected person and take him/her to their station. Hmm I wish them well in their endeavour.

Anyway, after some delay they finally released us to go. What an experience! I was just smiling all through. I had already made up my mind to stay happy all day. What if they had taken us to their station? Hahahaha. It would have been funny o. Imagine celebrating your birthday in Police Station.

In all I had a good day and I still feel very special.

Let me use this medium to say a big THANK YOU to all who took time to send me birthday wishes and comment on my post.

I also appreciate those who used my pictures on their WhatsApp status, Facebook wall, story and even on Instagram, some even went as far as reposting my blog link, y'all made me feel very special.

Special message from my colleagues

God bless you and keep us all safe now and always.

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I love you all.


© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Nice one, Tory Teller. I'm glad my cake was bigger than yours, eventuarry. Lol

    1. Now I know who the Anonymous is. Lolz. Big sis you owe me a big cake!

  2. Happy birthday toriteller. Bia, what happened after the prayers when your boo laid on you na? Don't be stingy with the whole gist jor. Lol

    1. Hahahaha.
      So you love gist like this?
      Don't worry you'll see the overcome in 9 months time. Lolz

    2. I was also wondering what happened after the Elisha abi Elijah kinda prayer... *clears throat*

    3. Hahaha. After the prayers we took communion.


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