THIRTY PLUS FIVE: A sneak peak into my life

It’s been thirty five amazing years full of highs and lows, ups and downs, rights and wrongs, mistakes made and lessons learnt.

Baby Onyinye

My life’s journey has been a great lesson for me and many who have heard some of my personal stories. But I do not in any way regret being who I am today.

I haven’t lived that long, barely 35 years, but I have seen a lot to last me for a lifetime. I’ve made many decisions and choices that sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time and undo certain things but then how would I learn if there were no errors and corrections?

Inside of me is a girl who has passed through several hurdles, fallen countless times and risen uncountable times. The ability to stand after a fall has become a significant part of me which I am proud of.

Being the 3rd child and daughter in an Igbo family, you can understand that the circumstances surrounding my birth may not have been all nice and cozy but then my parents accepted me with arms open wide as a Gift from God, thus my name Onyinyechukwu.

My elder sisters and I

Thinking of this sometimes makes me chuckle, like they were expecting a male child after two girls and BOOM! I showed up! They must have been bamboozled! Lolzzz

But looking on the bright side, I'm actually the forerunner for the male children they eventually had init? I deserve some accolades please!

Me Brothers

I had a pleasant and dramatic childhood with lovely memories that I have never hesitated to share time and time again but three of my most prominent features in those days still stand out till date.

The Dramatic Tory Teller

One is my ability to cry for almost anything. When I say anything, I mean it. Sadness, fear, happiness, excitement, anger, pain, ecstasy, lolz, I can even cry in the middle of orgasm. And no I haven’t outgrown any of these special features.

The others are my ability to write about almost anything that comes to my mind and narrate events in a very engaging and most times humorous way. I’m sure you’re putting two and two together now.

Now you know how I got the name THE TORY TELLER. Lolz.

Anyway it wasn't surprising when I told my parents I wanted to study Mass Communication at the University; everyone immediately approved it because beyond reasonable doubts, that was my destined career path.

I hope this narration isn’t making you feel that I had it rosy, not at all. My life is anything but perfect.

Have I mentioned that when I finished secondary school I had a teenage crush? Hahaha I know that would interest you.

So I went to a girls secondary school, Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma, Port-Harcourt, I guess that was one of the reasons I didn’t start my love journey early. I was about 16 years then and the guy in question was 10 years older than me. Please don't laugh, love happens in mysterious ways.

My mum beat the spirit of love out of me that time, I didn't need my ancestors to remind me that I had to focus on gaining admission into the University. My brain was restored to factory setting sharpily. My dramatic mum even went as far as approaching the innocent young man and threatening him. Chai, I pitied my lover sha but then, Mama knows best!

Mama of life

Life on campus was quite intriguing, adventurous and enlightening I must confess. At first home training didn’t allow me live a wayward life or even allow guys chase me successfully without me dragging them to my campus fellowship. Lolz. I won't lie I enjoyed the attention I received from toasters back then anyway.

Well I wasn’t that innocent and naive for long though, I was just a good girl who returned home after graduation with her school boyfriend and insisting that she was ready for marriage.

I just love this picture, the mischievous face is obvious

Sometimes I feel my parents supposed to have gotten tired of me a long time ago. The way I surprise them amazes me. hahaha.

The guy had literally turned my head, being the only son, that I dumped my home training at the entrance gate of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. So yes I got married at 23+ to my sweetheart and shortly after we had our daughter.

Awww. Little Presh and I

Marriage has taught me quite a number of lessons and although there are lots of similarities, no two marriages are the same. I didn’t even have time to enjoy the marriage before I became a mother and my life has not remained the same since then.

Today I am blessed with 2 most amazing kids, a girl 11 and a boy 5, of which I am eternally grateful.

But truthfully, motherhood has brought out the best in me and has shaped me into a very strong woman, one I didn’t ever believe I would be with all my flaws.

Some things I do today still amaze me, like waking up by 5 am to cook for my family and going to bed as late as midnight because I was picking and parboiling beans for the next day’s meal. Me that love sleep like kilode.

Now that makes a confirmed wife material right? How many yards please?

Somebody's wife

I’ve met many people on this journey and some of them have made great impact in my life and I am very grateful for that.

Talking about regrets, I’m not sure I have any but there are certain things I would have loved to adjust, not undo, if I could. 

1. I wish I had spoken up early enough about a relation who tried to abuse me several times when I was 9. Now this is story for another day. Just let me know in the comment section if you want to read about it.

2. I wish I had waited a year or 2 before getting married or having kids. Don't ask me why.

3. I wish I had started my business and my blog earlier than I did instead of procrastinating.

4. I wish I still had my mother in-law a little longer than when she passed on. God bless her soul.

5. I wish I had discovered myself earlier in life but I'm glad I have now, and life is more beautiful.

6. I wish I had been more open to people around me long ago, but right now my relationships are more interesting than ever before.

In all I am grateful for all I have and have become. To my family I am deeply thankful for all they have been to me, their love, support and kindness I do not take for granted.


To God Almighty, my beginning and end, I am forever indebted to Him.

Cheers to 35 Remarkable and Amazing years! Happiest Birthday to me!

God's unmerited blessing

Thank you all for reading my stories and encouraging me with your comments.

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Watch out for the next post, 10 things you don't know about me. You don't wanna miss that!

Stay safe and Happy.

Remember The Tory Teller loves you.


© Onyinye Udeh


  1. I am wowed by your honest write up. I do have the fondest memories of you as a classmate in Abuloma though faint. Happy thirtyfied babes!

  2. Happy birthday, fine woman.
    Keep soaring

  3. Fascinating and captivating for a personal life story. I had to read it all up in one mouthwatery moment. Happy 35th birthday

  4. Tory Teller! Happy happy birthday, mammy. You rock ��

  5. Happy birthday dear.
    Keep aiming high.
    No time is too late to start.

  6. Dear Tory Teller, I just read your story now and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing. Like Oliver Twist, I need to hear number one gist. You asked us to request for it so I'm doing that. Lol. Guess it's in line with what's trending now- Rape. Just for us to learn and watch our kids more closely. Expecting to read it! Thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by darling. I am glad you enjoyed reading. Please take time to go through the blog I am sure you will enjoy reading more. And yes I have done something about rape, I have also shared my near rape experience. Please stay safe and protect those around you.

    2. OK. Thanks for your response. Please can you tell me exactly in which of your write-ups you shared it? I'll truly appreciate it.

    3. Oh dear, you can use the search button to look for "My Rape Story" also you can search for "He raped me too". These are rape stories adapted from personal experience and from other's experience. Please do well to subscribe to this blog so that you would get notification once there is a new post. Thank you for staying with me.


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