I was about 8 years old the first time he touched my breast. Though my chest was not so flat anymore because I was a chubby little girl whose breast had just started forming as a result of fat.

At first I thought it was a mistake but when I looked up at him he just smiled and winked his left eye at me. He was my father's brother who was temporarily staying with us before going for his youth service.

One day it rained heavily and I was alone with him at home and he called me to the guest room where he stayed, and asked if I was feeling cold, of course the weather was cold and I responded in the affirmative then he said he would help keep me warm.

I didn't really understand what he meant until he asked me to lay on the bed beside him, I innocently did and he held me from behind as my back was in his front, he rubbed his penis on my buttocks and though I felt uncomfortable but didn't know what to do.

He later assured me that it was okay and that my parents already knew that he was helping me become a big girl, until the day he started putting his finger in my vagina. Eventually he had his way with me and on several occasions put his penis inside my vagina, the pain I cannot describe but I never felt the same after that. I didn't know who to tell because my parents trusted him.

He was my father's brother!

             ***                ***                    ***                         ***                                ***

I was on my way back from block rosary one night when I noticed my neighbor and two of his friends walking behind me. At first it seemed like he was coming to give me another of his sermons on why I should be his girlfriend now that I am 13 years old.

Sincerely, I was not in the mood for talk so I hastened my steps and before I knew what was happening they ran after me, caught up with me and dragged me into an uncompleted building on our street.

Just before I could digest what was happening, he and his friends took turns and had their way with me brutally after tying my hands and mouth. The sore remains with the memory, my life has not been the same since then.

He was my neighbor!

***                      ***                        ***                         ***                       ***

We were school mates and had gradually become friends since he was an elder brother to my secondary school friend. He was two years ahead of me in the University and always called me his junior colleague because we were in the same department and I always looked up to him like a big brother.

I visited his place one afternoon to get a textbook for an assignment we had been given. Little did I know that he had an ulterior motive until he locked the door and raped me after which he pleaded that I keep it between us since, according to him, it was the devil's work.

He was my best friend's brother!

***                       ***                      ***                                       ***                         ***

I returned from work that Wednesday night around 8.55pm, stressed from a hectic day in the office and exhausted from sitting in traffic for over 3 hours. I immediately rushed into the kitchen to get dinner ready for my husband because I know he doesn't joke with it.

After sorting out the dishes, tucking my kids into bed, preparing the next day's wears and organizing the files I was to submit to my boss in the office the following day, I had a quick shower and headed to the bedroom I shared with my husband at almost midnight.

Every part of my body ached from all the work I had done that day, I just needed to get some rest. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I had already started drifting to dreamland when I felt my husband's hand begin to caress my breast. 

God knows I was too  drained and worn out for any form of sexual intercourse. I pleaded with my husband that I was tired and we could do it the following day. He insisted that he was in the mood for sex and wanted it at the moment.

According to him, it was his right and I ought to always surrender my body whenever he wants it. Before I could finish my explanation, he had climbed me, parted my legs and inserted his penis into my vagina.

The sharp pain I felt was not only in my body but in my heart and soul. I lay on my matrimonial bed like a log of wood with tears rolling down my eyes as he thrust himself in and out of me. I was raped.

He was my husband!

***                             ***                   ***                     ***                    ***                     ***

These are real stories of how the female folks have constantly been molested, abused and violated regularly and daily. The crime that these females committed to deserve this is that they possess a VAGINA.

Today my heart bleeds painfully as I read stories and reports of how our girls and women live in constant fear because they are at the mercy of the male folk.

The female folk has always lived in fear of the men around them, sometimes its a school mate, a neighbor, a friend, a cousin, an uncle, a brother, a husband or even a father. Those who are supposed to protect us have become the agents of our destruction.

Every victim of rape never remains the same physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, socially and otherwise!

That you own a penis does not give you any right or entitlement to any woman's body.

Anyone who defends a rapist is a potential rapist.

It doesn't matter what I was wearing.
It doesn't matter where I was.
It doesn't matter who I was with.
It doesn't matter what I was doing.
It doesn't matter how old or young I am.
It doesn't matter who I am to you.
Do not touch me without my approval.

My body belongs to me and me alone, if I do not give you consent as an adult, you have no right to touch my body!

Sex without consent is RAPE!
Sex with a minor is RAPE!
Sex with force is RAPE!
Sexual abuse is RAPE!
Sex without the approval of the other party is RAPE!
Child molestation is RAPE!
NO means NO!

We cannot continue like this. We can do better. 
Let justice be served for all the victims of rape!


© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Well said sis. This issue is draining,honestly! What exactly can be done in third World Countries...Africa &Asia?!! We need to study what was done over the years to put the fear /respect of/for female in their men’s heart through an incorruptible Judiciary! #nomoredialogues #actionrequired

    1. We are tired of talk my dear, we need action urgently.

  2. Yes... No more dialogue, Actions

  3. Eh Lord, these rape stories break my heart ��

    Rape is terrible! I am tired, sad and angry that it keeps happening.

    1. All forms of negative emotions are filling me right now.

  4. .....for there's no justification for rape, it's a crime, it is hightime Rape is made a capital offence.

  5. This breaks my heart and as a man, I'm ashamed, ashamed of the havocs my gender cause.

    1. It breaks your heart because you have a conscience. I believe we can do better. Please protect us and the minors, that's all we ask.

  6. Rape is terrible. My heartfelt goes to all that have been bruised. My heart bleeds to all these stories I am reading.

  7. Majority of the female house helps you see today have either been molested or cajoled by their madam's husband. They have been asked to keep quiet and they do because their welfare depends on them. I feel pained.

    1. It is not right and there should be severe consequences for these abuse. We can do better.

  8. Dear Lord,
    My heart aches!
    Save and heal us quickly.
    Thank you for lending your voice Tory_Teller.

    1. Amen. The pain is too much. We need healing urgently.

  9. Àbúrò SocratesJune 3, 2020 at 3:08 AM

    So many disheartening stories of rape. These are just few of the innumerable cases we know of. I don't even know which to find more disgusting - the rape or the appalling comments that seem to justify rape. I hope and pray our outcries will bring about the change we truly desire.

  10. Onyi, Gid bless you yor this write-up. My heart bleeds for these stories. May God of the little ones hear our cry and deal in a special way with all rapists.

    1. Thank you. I hope we can change this situation soon. We can do better.


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