Hey People!

How are y'all doing? I am desperately hoping that all is well with you.

Ooops! Been a while right? Yeah. I've had my plate full and I apologize for stalling on this particular ride.

It wasn't intentional in any way. I must confess I am just recovering from an emotionally draining experience. My last post about rape took a toll on me honestly.

After that publication I had a lot of people who I knew personally come up to me to share their personal experiences with rapists. Some were able to escape while others were not.

I was seriously pained because even some of my male friends have been there. Painful but true, we can't let this become our culture. There is no excuse for rape and we must do all we can to protect ourselves and the little ones around us.

While I was recovering from the rape saga, I lost my cousin a day after her 35th birthday and I was heart broken afresh. She was too young but then we cannot question certain things. May her soul rest in peace.

Not to bore you with all of that anyway, we're here to gist and gist we will.

Still on the sex series, I am sure somebody is enjoying it and learning a lesson or two from it.

Okay let's get down to today's discussion. Sexual harassment!

Ladies, have you ever been inappropriately touched? I mean like someone just taps your buttocks or carelessly rubs or hits or even press your breasts?

Please don't laugh, I am very serious about this now. If yes, how did you feel? Angry? Disgusted? Irritated? Infuriated? Provoked?

Which of these words best describes how you felt? I would honestly love to know.

I'm sorry I had to ask the ladies, guys please bear with me. I am not in anyway saying that it is only ladies that get sexually harassed, No, that's not the intention. But the truth is that it is mostly ladies that go through such in public places.

It is a rare sight for a guy to be in the market or any public place and someone just walks up to you and grabs your penis. But frankly speaking as a guy, if you have experienced this please share your experience in the comment section. And do well to tell us how you felt and reacted afterwards.

Yes, I have had that experience and I won't lie how I felt was a combination of all the above mentioned feeling.

The first time I had that experience I went shopping with my mum. I can't remember the exact market right now but I recall that I was about 10 years going on 11.

I had just gained admission to the Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma, Port Harcourt and we had gone to market to get the items I needed since I was going to live in the dormitory.

We got to a section of the market where there were young male traders struggling to get the attention of potential customers to their displayed products.

And one of them grabbed my hand in order to get my attention, while another tapped my buttocks not knowing that the woman walking behind me was my mum. I am sure if he knew he would have thought twice about his action.

Most likely they thought I was a young girl roaming the market and in need of help to get items on my list. And in their lustful hearts, this was an opportunity to prey on the innocent little girl.

Before I could wriggle my hands free from the one that held me, I heard a thunderous "gbosai" and that was a resounding heaven-shaking, earthquake-invoking slap landing on the cheeks of the guy who tapped my buttocks from my Superhero mum!

There was a minute silence in the market!

My mother is a no-nonsense person and has always been a disciplinarian since 1777. She does not take or condole carelessness, misbehaviour, or any form of misconduct.

I'm sure you're wondering what happened afterward. Hahaha. My mum didn't utter a word and neither did the loafers. Everyone just kept quiet as mum and I continued our journey and walked away from the scene.

Who knows if any of them had reacted further, hmmm, I pity that one because I know who my mum is. They will get it hot.

Anyway, that day I confirmed that my mum was ready to lay her life for me and I will never trade that feeling for anything.

That is actually one of several sexual harassments I have experienced. There was even once a fellow passenger was rubbing my lap while on the bus. This one happened about 2 years ago and if you see the way I attacked the man in the bus, other passengers immediately followed up with curses and swears.

The unfortunate fellow quickly rushed out of the bus even before he got to his bus stop.

Sometimes I wonder what these individuals have in mind when they suddenly start grabbing people sexually. It's not only offensive, but it's also disgusting. So you can imagine what it feels like when a person is sexually abused.

Now I have a question from a real-life situation and I would like to know your take on it. If you go to a shop to buy something and meet a little girl or boy in an awkward or questionable position with a male adult and it's glaring that that child is about to be sexually abused, what would you do?

I would love to read your response. Do well to drop your response in the comment section. Let us learn something from this.

I am waiting for your feedback. And don't forget that this series is still running. You don't want to miss out on it. You can read the next episode here

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Hey, remember The Tory Teller loves you.

Stay positive and safe.


© Onyinye Udeh



  1. My condolences Tory_Teller.
    I'm glad I was able to join the live conversation.

    1. Thank you my beloved. And yes we'll be going live again this Saturday too.
      BTW have you been sexually harassed before?

  2. Yes, I have. Too many sad memories. From lecturers back in uni to evil bosses and clients in this Lagos down to Nollywood producers and not forgetting modeling agency boss. Looking back now and hearing what people go through, I'm just grateful I always had the boldness to tell them that their big dirty penis cannot fit into my small hole. I thank God for my life .

    1. My dear, for some of us the list is endless. So sad what we have to go through in our society. I hope the ones coming behind us will have more courage than us to withstand all of these because I don't think it can completely be eradicated.


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