Hey people,

I hope this meets you well.

We've been calm for quite some time and a lot has taken place this period so be rest assured that I've got tons of gist for y'all.

Before then, today's special and we won't delay to celebrate the men who have birthed us, our Fathers?

Yes, it's Father's day so I encourage you to read this letter to every good father you know. 

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Dear Fathers,

I just want you to know that every of your deed is recognized and well acknowledged and appreciated even when you think they aren't.

When you spend extra hours at work to ensure that you give nothing but your best so that your employer recognizes your impact, we see you.

When you get stuck in traffic after a stressful day at work and all you think about is how quickly you can get home to your family, we see you.

When you sign up with the military and para-military to help defend, protect and fight for the safety of the citizens of your country, we see you.

When you take up odd and menial jobs just to make money to cater and provide for your family, we see you.

When you stay up late at night because your thoughts are filled with how to make extra money to sustain your family, we see you.

When you manage only one black trouser for over 3 months just to ensure that your family members have new clothes and can change their wardrobes, we see you.

When you stop at the bus stop on your way from work to pick passengers and drop them at their various destinations, just to raise extra money for your family, we see you.

When you refuse to go on leave all year long and work overtime at the office so that you can make extra cash for your family, we see you.

When you pretend that you have forgotten our special dates, just because the money you were expecting, to surprise us, has not yet come, we see you.

When suppress and hide your tears irrespective of the pain you feel just because you are a man, we see you. 

When work takes you away from your family on transfer and you act strong and stay lonely all through the period without complaining, we see you.

When you watch helplessly as your beloved wife goes through the pain of menstrual cramps and contractions during delivery, but cannot cry with her because you are a man, we see you.

When you genuinely fast, pray and wait upon the Lord, tarrying and weeping in the place of prayer just for things to get better so that you can give your family the best, we see you.

Dear Fathers, many may overlook or choose to ignore, but I want you to know that every sacrifice of love and good deed is deeply appreciated, today and always.

God Bless and keep you, as we pray that your labour of love will never be in vain or go unrewarded.

Happy Fathers' Day!

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Happy Fathers' Day, Papas. We see you, we love you and we appreciate you all ❤

    Thanks for this beautiful letter, mammy��

  2. Happy Father's day to our dear fathers. We first learned the true meaning of love with you, we love and appreciate your father.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece. BTW, Tory_Teller this your Dada is sharp o. Leme send in my applications na

    1. Hahaha. Seme Gold of life. Thanks for the compliments. Now you know where half of my sharpness came from!

  3. Beautiful!

    Happy Father's Day to the amazing men out there.

    God bless them.


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