It was the first day of resumption at my son's school and while I was driving into the school's parking lot I noticed a small crowd gathered at the notice board.

As I checked the time on my phone, I prayed that I would not have to spend so much time looking for his name on the board and hoped that I would quickly find out what class he had been assigned to.

Ebuka, my son, was very excited about resuming school because now he was going to be in the Primary section, in his words, 'I am now a big boy'. I giggled every time I heard him say that but I was proud of the boy he was growing up to be.

Gentle, smart, caring but shy like his dad with a pure heart of course. I just wish Heaven could smile at me again so I could give him a sibling soon.

As we walked away from the notice board after finding his name I said to him, "Bubu, your new class is Basic One Jasmine."

He didn't even let me finish before saying, "Mum, Jasmine is a flower right?" Smart kid. I knew that a question would definitely follow that statement.

"Yes it is. I'll show you a picture of it when you return from school," I replied as we walked to the front of the staircase that leads to the Primary section.

After asking for direction from the maintenance staff standing there we climbed the stairs and made the first left turn to see the decorated door that read, "Welcome To Basic One Jasmine". 

I couldn't help but notice that the class teacher had taken time to decorate the door and pasted the names of all the pupils on it to give them a warm welcome.

My instinct told me my son would enjoy this class and I looked forward to meeting the class teacher. 

"Mummy see my name, C-H-U-K-W-U-E-B-U-K-A O-D-O-H," he sounded his name with enthusiasm.

"Yes dear, you're right. And that's the picture of a Jasmine flower there too!" The excitement had robbed off on me too.

Surely the class teacher knew her onion!

Any teacher that could catch the attention of her pupils even before meeting them was definitely my kind of teacher.

Immediately I opened the door, we were welcomed by a smiling face.

"Good morning ma'am. Welcome to Basic One Jasmine. I am Ms. Victoria. And my little angel, what's your name?" 

"My name is Chukwuebuka Odoh."

"That's a lovely name for a handsome boy,"

I was just grinning as teacher and pupil exchanged pleasantries and I was really impressed at how she could engage my shy Bubu in long conversation.

"Madam I taught one Junior Chukwudi Odoh last session. Do you happen to know him?"

"Oh wow! Chukwudi Odoh is actually my husband's name but we don't have any relative in Abuja bearing that name. It may be coincidence," I replied.

"Oh sure. Please I'll like to take your contact details if you don't mind."

I was about rushing out of the class as the class assistant was helping the pupils get settled when I remembered the most important information I'd planned to pass across to Bubu's new teacher.

"Em, I almost forgot, Ms Victoria my son is left handed, like his dad, and we're very okay with that. I just thought I should let you know."

"Thanks for the heads up. I've always enjoyed teaching left handed pupils so it's not a problem. Chukwudi Odoh I mentioned earlier is left handed too."

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Photo credit: Kids in transition to school.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. I'm sure this is going to be an interesting story. I like already. Part 2 pls

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    1. Yes we'll need the popcorn. Please make sure it gets to everyone. Thanks love.

  3. Hmmm! My heart Is racing. Nobody should comma tell me story o.
    BTW, I used to know an impeccable teacher just like Ms. Victoria.

    1. Seme Gold please don't let your heart race when the story has barely started. Just collect your own popcorn and enjoy the journey. BTW I think I also know one impeccable teacher like Ms. Victoria. Hahahaha.

  4. Intriguing first episode!
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