Life is beautiful when you have a mother that loves, cares and sacrifices for you but just imagine what it would be like when you had two mothers.

I am privileged to have this experience with my eldest sister, Mrs Chisom Carol Matthew. She is the first fruit of my loving parents and I don't know why but I know God sent her first because of the heart she has.

The story of my life is incomplete without this woman.

I remember growing up with her and the role she played in my life. We used to call her "mother hen' because we did not really like the way she watched over our every move, making sure that we did not err. Not on her watch!

When I started developing breasts and getting the attention of the opposite sex, this sister of mine took it upon herself to scatter every relationship that I tried to have with any unscrupulous element!

Hey God! Adanne was on my case 24/7!

All the guys that tried toasting me that time were in trouble. She was ready to beat, slap, embarrass and harrass any nomenclature that winked at me. That is Adanne for you.

Have I mentioned how she searched my pant bag and digged out the love letters I was hiding there and destroyed them because she noticed that one guy was making my head to be turning oniown when I was just 16 years? Hahaha.

What was her reason? Her goal was to ensure that all her siblings stayed focus and didn't loose sight of what was most important, their education!

She didn't even care how we felt about it even when my immediate senior and I would talk about her and call her mother hen. She choptas not.

Funny enough she is still a mother hen till date. Always calling all of us to know how we are faring, encouraging and praying for us and giving maximum support as much as she can. I still go to her house to steal her clothes and I am not ashamed.

Adanne is one of my biggest fan and has never stopped believing in me. She always inspires and motivates me to do more and never relent in whatever I do.

She's one of the reasons I always aim high because with her there's no room for mediocrity!

Today is my Adanne's birthday and I cannot keep calm. All the days of my life I will always remember the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings.

I think I should write a book on her life's story because truthfully she has been through a lot in life but she is a strong woman with so much positive energy.

Dear Adanne, I want to you know that I love you and I am posting this because I want the world to know that I love and appreciate you for your generosity, hospitality, love, care, affection, support and all your natural instincts.

As you add another year today, may the flood gates of heavens open upon you and rain down blessings beyond your expectations.

Happiest Birthday Biggest Sis, live long and prosper!

Please drop a prayer/birthday wish for my sister in the comment section. Thank you.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Happy happy happy birthday, Adanne. May the good Lord continue to bless you and yours ��

    BTW, you are fine!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful big sister Adanne. May good Lord bless and keep you, Amen.

  3. Happy birthday Adanne, a worthy Firstborn! May you always be celebrated by friends and foes all the days of your life in Jesus’name Enjoy your day!

  4. My An som oo...Happy birthday Adanne. God bless you and keep you for us all


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