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It’s Fathers’ Day and I can’t help but reflect on the one who has been more than what the usual father is to a child.

First let me ask you this, do you know any woman who was taken for ante-natal appointments by her dad? Lolz. I’m sure you are trying to figure out the reason for my question instead of an answer.

Well, I don’t think you have an answer but let me help you out here, I am she. That is how close I am to my dad.

My mum always reminds me always of how I cried most times as a little girl, I could cry for almost everything especially when it came to anything connected to my dad.

Like I have mentioned earlier, my dad served in the para-military and was almost always on transfer when we were growing up.

As a little girl, I used to go into his room back then and take one of his uniforms, spread it on the bed and sleep on it after crying and using my hands to straighten it severally. I know this sounds very funny but that was what gave me pleasure in my dad's absence.

No one knew what I was up to because whenever I woke up from sleep I'll return the uniform where I took it from and quietly leave the room.

Well, one day my mum caught me but she didn't interrupt me, she just noticed that whenever I disappeared that was my safe haven.

Thinking back to that time, I really can't explain the reason for my action, but I know that I have always loved my dad and the feeling is mutual.

My dad has never withheld or failed to show me over and over again how important my siblings and I are to him, to be honest, he somehow reminds me of God's love, unconditional.

Having 5 daughters and 2 sons, he knows what it takes to raise a strong and godly generation and he showed us the way of the Lord early enough. As an adult now, my dad's love has not diminished in any way.

I remember when I was pregnant for my first child and my hubby was away on Youth Service, my Dad drove me to the hospital for every antenatal appointment I had till I delivered my daughter. 

He would wait for me all through the class in case I needed something that he had to go and buy. It was another confirmation of how much he loved me.

Sometimes on our way home he would stop to buy me snacks or drink, depending on which I was craving for. When we get home, he won't even mind preparing noodles or frying plantain for me, if I didn't want to eat the meal prepared at home.

Dado, as I fondly call him, used to massage my back, rub my legs, which were swollen from my 7th month.

When I took in for my son, that was the period I was separated from hubby, (story for another day) Dado was my chauffeur again for antenatal. 

I can confidently tell you that I never went for antenatal by public transport, because Dado always made himself available to take me. This is just a little of how much my Dad has done for me.

My Dad is a true definition of Fatherhood in every sense of it and I am so proud to be called his daughter. I cannot count the sacrifices, risks and unconditional love that he has made and shown to not just my siblings and I but every young person he has come in contact with.

On many occasions, neighbors usually call him in the middle of the night to help drive their pregnant wives to the hospital once she is in labour because they knew he would never turn them down

His love is a limited edition kind but it is unlimited in reach.

As the world celebrates fathers, I will not hesitate to celebrate him and the sons he has raised. I look at my brothers and I am convinced that they will make wonderful fathers too because they were raised by one. It is already reflecting in the way they treat their nieces and nephews.

Dado, Thank you first, for teaching me God's love and for showing me that love is an action word. If every man was like you, the world would definitely be a better place.

I love you and I pray for a long and fulfilled life upon you. May all your labour of love never be in vain.

Happy Father's Day to my Dado, my first love!

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Wow! I also have fond memories like this with my dad too. Dad got me all my pads and everything I ever needed as a girl.
    Kisses to your Dodo!

  2. I really have the best Dad ever. Happy Father's day Dado


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