Hello people!

How has it been with you and your loved? I hope y'all are doing great irrespective of the COVID-19 plan-demic.

Yes, I said plan because with the recent revelation of money chopping and fake fainting saga happening before our very eyes by our leaders, it's obvious that they have a plan which is absolutely not in our best interest. Their only goal is self satisfaction for them and their family. Notwithstanding, God no go shame us.

God will always make a way for us and he does not need the permission of government officials to take care of us, so my dear, don't lose hope. If people are still thriving in spite of the crisis situation, we will too. Just stay focused and don't relent in whatever you do.

That's not my topic of discussion anyway, let me go straight to the point.

Quick question, why are these digital natives called children over inquisitive? Okay, I am a young mother so I have 2 digital natives called children in my home. Please don't laugh because I am certain that you will also fall into this category soon, that is if you haven't already.

I still recall when I was growing up, my generation (the 80's), and if I am not mistaken the ones before us, were trained to do as we are told and not challenge or question our elders but the story is different today. The boldness and audacity this new generation of children have is frightening.

So I had a brief conversation with my 11 year old daughter which instigated this post. Aunty Presh, (like I fondly call her) came to me and asked, "Mummy, when are you going to have our next baby?"

As you all know, I have said it that 'I don born finish'. God has blessed me with both male and female kids and I am 35! (Don't mind me, I mean satisfied). My prayer now is for my family and friends who are still expecting one.

I looked at my madam from head to toe and told her the gospel truth according to me, myself and I. "Presh, I'm not sure I am going to have another baby. Just pray for God to bless us financially so that we can take care of you and your brother."

The next thing she said was, "Mummy how can you say that? But I need a sister na. Even if you don't give Samuel a brother, I need a sister after all you have 4 sisters. So you don't want me to have a sister?"

I replied, "But I am your sister na. You can always count on me. Haven't we always been sisters to each other. All the times we go out together and people call me your sister, don't you like it?"

Madam said, "Mummy it's not the same thing. I need a younger sister, a baby that I can take care of." Hmm. I had to think really hard before responding to this. So I told her, "You have Samuel who is 6 years younger that you. Have you finished taking care of him? All the times you beat and bully him is that part of the taking care of?"

Now I thought in my heart of hearts that I had won this conversation. I was seriously feeling cool with myself. Undauntedly, this would get madam off my back about having more kids. I saw the way she looked at me, pondering in silence and I smiled within.

Sincerely, I was convinced that I had given her a well-scripted 'Gbos' to the 'Gbas' she earlier gave me.

My beloved Tory lovers, you will not believe the next thing that came out of her mouth, "Mummy, you cannot have only 2 children. Who does that?  It is not right. Please have a rethink about this issue!" And my madam walked out on me.

Abasi Mbong! I immediately started having menstrual pain on my chest!

How can this small girl talk to me like that? Who gave her the right? What audacity? Imagine this little chap! Is this not the same human being I brought into this world just 11 years ago? When did we become mate? Hmm. Wonders shall never cease!

By the way, where is it written in the constitution that I must have more than 2 children? Is it her business how many children I have? Is she giving us financial support to train the children?

Please y'all should help me with response for my madam. I am still thinking of what to tell her that will shut her up on this matter once and for all. Who should decide how many children a person should have? I need immediate response to this my people.

Anyway, while at work some days ago, an idea popped in my head. I took time and loaded myself with 2 wraps of 'fufu', which is not my usual swallow sha and the end result is the picture below.

I have decided to show it to madam as pay back for what she said to me. Don't ask me what I am going to tell her because I don't know yet. I am waiting for your responses. Kindly drop it in the comment section.

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Always remember, that I love you and I am rooting for you. I pray you wrap up the remaining days in July with good news.

More gist coming right up on the blog, don't miss it.


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© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Heheheee... I didn't know they were called digital natived��

    This number of children matter ehn, na account balance go determine o. Firstly, I'm not ready to bring new beings into this world when pepper never rest... That's it!

    Aunty Presh should please manage Sammy for us❤❤❤

    1. Thank you my dear. We are cutting our coat according to our cloth mbok.

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha. Very real ooo.
      Glad to have you here dear Benjamin!

  3. Madam _Teller, I am not a preacher of love. Give us more children biko *running to hide under the table*

    1. Seme Gold don't let us fight online o.
      Where are you running to?
      Come and finish what you started mbok.

  4. Hahahaha am sorry I first doubled over laughing, I would just say indeed who said we have to have more children.

    Am taking my time to bring digitals in the world❤️ Thanks for sharing

    1. I waiting to welcome your digitals with you. Just get ready to answer questions sha.

  5. May God bless you financially to take care of the treasures he has blessed you with. And if you desire more, na twins e go be.


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