Hey, Hey, Hey! My Darling Tory Lovers.

How are y'all doing?

I hope this meets you well.

Just so you know that the Tory Teller is back to the grind with full force and sweet gist as usual.

Today, I just want to sweep the compound small and clear all the grasses and weeds that have grown in my absence while also dusting a few places.

Please stay alert because some tables may shake while I'm dusting, it's not intended to push anybody down but to just say my mind.

Okay, so we started this sex series some time ago and it's been an interesting ride honestly but today's episode will touch certain things sha.

I'll start by saying, I overheard a single lady talking about sex with her boyfriend and she mentioned protection.

This really got me thinking.

Protection from what? 

No, I'm not naive, obviously she's sexually active but in my opinion she shouldn't be bothering her head with that. So they're trying to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy abi?

My dear, the Lord Most High can shield and protect you from any harm and that's all you need as long as you put your trust in him.

For better understanding let me put it this way, "Dear Single folks, the only protection you need is the Lord Most High, periodt!"

Thank me later!

These are some of the things that married people should be bothering themselves about. You are single and have your life ahead of you with countless expectations, goals and ambition. Your focus should be self amelioration and not protection from unwanted pregnancy.

I believe the phrase "Family Planning" should be discussed between married people who have started a family so it amazes me when I hear single people talking about and practicing it. This life sef!

Amazingly, you hear single people after eating what is not meant for them, they will be asking the guy, did you come inside? Chai! When you were on the mountain you didn't think about your cumming location right?

Please, like I said earlier, this post is not aimed at poking my hands into anyone's eye, not at all. My message, as always, is that sex should be married folks alone. Anything short of that is sin against God.

I know that some of you will not agree with me but then I am just a messenger sent to remind you of the truth we all know. It's your choice to take it or leave it. Honesty will not kill me.

He/She that has ears let him/her hear what the spirit of God is saying. I know this is no longer news, just see it as a reminder but then the choice is still yours.

Anyway, there are other aspects of sex I would be discussing in my next sex series post, you should not miss it. Shortly, we will be having some guests who will also air their views about sex and it will be followed by a Q & A session too. So you can start sending your questions now.

If you missed the first episode of this sex talk series, you can read it here. I am certain that you'll enjoy it.

Hey dear, just relax, I've got you covered.

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  1. Protection from what exactly? He or she should be more concerned about that dream killer that is whispering nonsense into their ear. Make I no too talk today because I dey vex.

    Abeg do giveaway for anniversary oo. Yeyy! Who slap me???

    1. My dear Seme Gold I am yet to know what they are protecting themselves from.

      As for the giveaway, thank you for your suggestion, the counsel of elders are looking into it.


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