August is here!!!

I think I'll need a microphone or loudspeaker for this announcement.

Happy New Month to you, my beloved Tory lovers, and to those visiting our blog for the first time, you're highly welcome.
Nnóó, Ekabó, Sannú to our August visitors! I'm thrilled to have you here.

Please do well to take the front seat as I usher you on board this wonderful ride with me, and just know that if you're a gist lover like me, you're in the right place at the right time.

Y'all must have observed that I'm always excited at the beginning of a new month, it's not my fault, I'm happy to be alive and grateful to have y'all here with me.

But then, today the feeling is extra special because by this time last year, The Tory Teller's blog was birthed. So yes, my baby is a year old this August! Enough reason for me to scream at the top of my voice and dance all day!

Casting my thoughts back to my first blog post brings a gratifying feeling and I must confess, I am in awe at how far we've grown together on this journey.

Without much ado, I want to seize this opportunity to render my sincere gratitude to all who have been with me from the start, your visit to the blog and comments were all the encouragement I needed to keep going. Most of you subscribed to the blog, even when you were not sure where we were sailing to. Your confidence in my ability is top notch and highly appreciated.

For those who joined us much later and our 'August Visitors', I am honoured to have you here and I assure you that we will always experience a jolly ride here.

Speaking about August, we are in the 8th month of 2020! Isn't that awesome? Indeed we have come a long way and I have no doubts about us ending this year with a big bang as long as we keep faith and stay focused.

In the spirit of our Anniversary, I'll be running free adverts for service providers and those in business for a period of time. So give me a buzz let's roll that out immediately. In addition to that, there will be give away, I'm sure you don't wanna miss that too so stay tuned and alert.

If you are yet to subscribe to The Tory Teller's blog, you most likely may miss out of the ongoing fun. August will be lit on this blog so ensure you always have your popcorn and ice-cream handy. If you need to spread your mattress here, please feel free, I won't charge you for rent.

Don't forget to click the subscribe button at the top of this post to be a part of all of August's goodies here. On a final note, I wish you all the best of this new month as we journey together and may all your efforts be crowned with success.

Remember that The Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you always.


© Onyinye Udeh


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  2. I'm so here for the giveaway 💃 💃

    Happy new month to you too, Mammy❤✨

    - Bolaji Gelax

    1. Yaaaay!
      Thanks for stopping by Darling. You may just get your plate of spaghetti and mean balls in this anniversary😉

  3. I am dancing already. I will personally sleep on that coach all through this month for my giveaway.
    Happy new month and congratulations.

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    1. We are going to be here and probably get a space. Personally I can't wait for the giveaway. Bring it all, Tory Teller.

      Happy Anniversary to you and the blog.

    2. Thank you, my darling. Stay tuned!


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