Holla People!

It's a beautiful Monday. I want to believe we all had a restful weekend, and are ready to face the week with all our might and strength, giving it the best shot. You know I told you this month will be different right?

You don't have to maintain the status quo always, there are times when you should try something different while retaining excellence in your doing.

Before I get carried away with Monday motivation, today, I will be announcing the criteria for our anniversary giveaway. I am guessing somebody is as excited as I am. Okay, first things first, if you have not subscribed to The Tory Teller's blog, you have disqualified yourself.

Second criteria, you must be following me on social media, IG @onyiluvsu, Twitter @bae_nonny. 

At this point let me inform you that the price is cash and the bank account of the winner will be credited once it is confirmed that you have carried out the instructions to the later. Make sure you are following the social media account of the following businesses:

We all eat food right, I am sure most of us cook, that is why I am introducing you to Sommie's one-stop shop which offers you the most convenient way of getting your neatly prepared and packed food stuff. All you need to do is put a call across, or even chat her up on any of her social media handles and place your order. She delivers it to your doorstep ASAP as long as you are in Lagos.

As for those of you who are super busy and unable to handle your cooking yourself, just relax let me takiarof you. Cool Crown Aroma is your girl! She will give you sumptuous and mouthwatering meals at a very affordable price. Did I mention that when I was ill, she was the one who prepared meals for my family? Now you understand how good she is. Give her a call for special delicacies and thank me later. Her contact is on the flier below and she is even doing a 'one of a kind' promo that you can benefit from. Make that call today!

I know this awesome and sweet guy, Jerry, who runs a Unisex online cloth store, Jaytee Hub. Whatever you need, from clothes to foot wears, to bags and other clothing accessories that will make you look stunning, just give him a buzz and he will make it available for you with immediate effect. When it comes to importation of any of these, he will make it an easy and stress-free process for you too. Do yourself a favour and give him a call, your fashion statement will upgrade instantly. His contact details are in the flier below.

Before y'all in the Eastern State start feeling left out, I have a bad ass Fashion Designer here for you. She makes amazing, head-turning outfits that will transform your wardrobe with immediate effect. My girl Manchy Stitches is your go-to for bespoke wears. When it comes to fabrics, she is a goddess. She can get you the fabric, give you style suggestions, sew and design the outfit beyond your expectation and have it delivered to you expressly. She is based in Owerri, Imo State. Give her a call today 08035438262. Follow her on IG and Facebook @ Manchy_stitches.

I have observed that there are some readers here who are in search of a job or want to be linked to someone who can help them organize their daily affairs on a professional level, please click here to get the service of a virtual assistant ASAP.

Lastly, before I wrap up this session, let me officially introduce all ye gist lovers to my baby girl, Kaycee. You can listen to her podcast, if you want to have a pleasant and relaxing day. Her IG handle is @officialkaycee. Check out the flier below and click this link to join in

Having said all, the last task for you is to mention the exact date The Tory Teller's blog published her first post, make sure you also comment there and drop your bank account details. Remember that time is of essence because that is what will be used to determine who takes home the cash prize of 3000 Naira. Let's see the fastest finger!

The winner will be announced in 2 weeks time. So let's get rolling. Watch out for the next post on the blog and tell someone to subscribe immediately.

The Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you.


© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Waiting on our anniversary like😎
    Please I hope there will be jollof o

    1. Of course there will na. We have Cool Crown Aroma in the house to give us delicious meals

    2. Chimo o!!! This is how people fail exam. I was chasing jollof rice and didn't follow instructionsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      My answer_ August 7 2019

  2. Arinze kelechi Anita 3097718045 first bank πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  3. (August 2019) Arinze kelechi Anita 3097718045 first bank πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  4. August 7th 2019.. Lost in Lagos.

  5. Arinze kelechi Anita 3097718045 first bank

    1. Hahahaha. Somebody really wants this cash o.

    2. Lol, Kelechi's comment is just turning my eyesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      Tory -Teller you see how we all love you. You better cook enough jollof to go round.

    3. Hahaha. Trust me na Rice and Stew Very Plenty!


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