"I don't think I can ever forgive him," I screamed at Sheila my best friend as we sat in the wine coloured Honda SUV I had received as my 38th birthday gift from my husband few months ago.

"When you confronted him what did he say?"

"I played the recording of my conversation with the stupid side chick, and he knew I had boxed him in. There was no escape so he started apologizing that it was the devil's work and he doesn't know what came over him."

"Eiya! That means he's sorry na. Just calm down," Sheila said as she made to hold my hand.

I immediately pulled away from her.

"Please don't tell me that jor. Who's side are you on sef?"

"Haba, Nene you know I'm on your side na."

"Then why are you telling me to calm down? This is a man I have toiled with for the past 15 years of our marriage. I have never denied him sex, not even once. I have given him 2 boys and 2 girls. What more can he be looking for outside?" I cried laying my head on the steering wheel.

I couldn't hold it anymore as I broke down in tears, not even Sheila's hands rubbing my back or her soothing words could make me feel better.

The pain I felt in my heart was unbearable. As I closed my eyes all I could see was my husband on top of a cheap slut screwing the hell out of her as she screamed his name in pleasure.

Not all sins can be forgiven. I didn't deserve this. Not from a man I had made several sacrifices for and have been faithful to.

I knew what I had to do.

         **                                **                         **                     **                              **
"Hey sweetheart! You look ravishing as always."

I didn't come to this hotel room for compliments so while Kelvin, my ex, threw flattering words as he sipped champagne, I just began to undress.

"Nene, what's happening? I thought you said you wanted to discuss something very important?" He quizzed jumping up from his sit to quickly halt my action.

"Just shut up and make love to me!"

          **                          **                             **                               **                             **    
Two hours later, I was sitting on my matrimonial bed, like a goddess whose subjects came to worship.

My beloved husband knelt in front of me pleading for mercy, same thing he's been doing since I found out about his affair 3 weeks ago.

According to him, it was a mistake that will never reoccur.

"It's alright Darling, I forgive you," I said as I knelt down to hug him with a smirk on my face knowing we were even.

*********                                 ***********

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So what do you think? Let's share our thoughts about Nene's decision. Is the best way to handle infidelity cheating back? Is there really any sin that is unforgivable? If you were in her shoes, what would you do? See you in the comment section. More stories coming up shortly.

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  1. I wouldn't sin just to revenge. I would rather walk away. Nene did the wrong thing, she descended to his level. Now both of them are even in their mess

    1. Hmm. I think you have a point. When we are hurt do we repay by hurting more? Do 2 wrongs make a right?

  2. Hmmm! I read this with my heart fast the whole time. It's easy to blame Nene for being even with her husband but I know such situations put someone on the edge. May God grant us divine wisdom.

    I won't do it sha, The fear of God and my village elders won't let me😁😁😁.

    1. Good point. Only the grace of God can help a person make the right decision when offended.

  3. I don't know... I'm not in the place to judge Nene's action but sha, the thing made me smile. Two wrongs don't make a right yeah, and I don't know if I'd do what she did. As Seme Gold said, the fear of God and my church mind won't allow me.

    1. Hahaha. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom indeed.

  4. Hmmmmmmmm
    This is serious.
    She didn't do right, yes! But at that point, this is the only same thing she felt would relieve her of the pains she's feeling......
    Whatever makes one sleep well at night, let them do.
    I doubt if I can do it.
    Reason: Only fear of God.
    If not, ...........!

    1. Not a good situation at all. Who are we to judge right? Bu then...

  5. Comment From Mrs Ani:

    My dear, it's really a difficult one. I won't judge Nene but she finds peace with sleeping with her ex., so be it...

    Some men are not worth it


  6. The sum of two negative integers equals negative. On the number line, there would be a shift. Which means -1 + -1 = -2. At that, every integer has an increase despite their negative addition. In other words if a partner is faithful while the other isn't, the unfaithful partner has a 'negative' shift while the faithful one remains on a spot. But if the partner who is cheated on (which in this case is Nene) gets back by cheating, she get a balance.

    But life does not always confirm to logic which means that we sometimes give room for variables such as religion and morality. Psychologically, Nene believes she will find peace within herself if she cheats too. Well, it's a question of which utilitarian concept best rationalises her decision: her principle, societal expectations and idea of morality or her religion. A line was crossed already when Nene's husband cheated. If Nene decides to get even, who are we to judge her!

    1. Dear Oladele, I've never thought about this, or any relationship issue, from a mathmaical perspective. Thank you for helping me view it in that light.
      On the other hand, you've scattered my dada too, lolz.
      I see your point too. Thank you.
      Bottom line is, there is no rationale behind unfaithfulness. It only puts one on the negative part of the number line.

  7. Dear Nene, God will continue to bless you.
    Don't forget to use protection whenever the need arises and visit the spa afterwards to relass and be taken kiaroff.
    Cheating is not gender based.

    1. Now I really had to Laugh! Hahahahaha!
      I hear you loud and clear!
      There really is no excuse for infidelity!

  8. I won't judge Nene......whatever makes her sleep well. That said, forgiveness doesn't always guarantee peace, sometimes, getting even does. Heheheheheh

    1. First point noted and accepted.
      Second point yav scatter my Dada! God help us to always remain on the right path.


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