I remember the days of Ebola.

Nigerians were shockingly compliant. Do not touch me, don’t hug me, do not sit close to me, just stay away.

We were all so scared. A disease that kills in 8 days should scare you.

There were so many things said by people that would help, and one of them was a salt bath. You who is reading this post right now, you must have bathed with salt. There was the fear of God put in our minds.

More than anything we wanted a cure, and since we could not find one, we needed this demon disease to stop spreading. We stopped it.

Not us.


We had a doctor. A woman. A warrior. Someone who saw this disease in Nigeria and made moves to contain it immediately.

She helped us survive this deadly disease.

Years later, we remember her.

Gone, but not forgotten, we stand, take a bow, and pay homage to Doctor Stella Adadevoh, who on this day, while in the front lines, lost the battle to Ebola while saving the entire country.

Our Warrior Queen. Our very own Superhero. A SHERO forever!

Written by Abigail Chukwu a Resident Writer with Sabi Writers.

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So today's question is, what will you be remembered for? Think about it and take action.




  1. Always in our hearts. We will always remember her.

  2. A true Heroine!
    God bless the loved ones she left behind.
    Her labour will never be in vain.


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