I got to know Tunde through one of our mutual colleagues, Bayo, when I just finished my youth service and was working with a telecommunications company.

He was a jovial, good looking guy who could pass for a Casanova just by mere appearance but as time went on I realized that he was a simple, down to earth fellow.

Though he was a managerial staff, he didn't mind giving any of us, the marketing team, a ride whenever we closed from work.

I got married to my college sweetheart during my youth service so I was totally off the market and didn't think I'd ever be interested any other man.

What else was I looking for? I was married to the love of my life. Right?

Tunde and I only got talking about 2 weeks after we met and it was nothing serious, just work and life generally.

I worked with the company for about 7 months before I left for a better offer, and we lost contact.

Ten years later just after my 32nd birthday, I met Tunde at the bank during one of my visits to the ATM. Though time had happened between us, there was little change in our appearance and we recognized each other instantly. 

After the usual catching up, we exchanged contacts and parted ways hoping to keep in touch. Subsequently, we commented on each other's WhatsApp status and began to build a friendship from there.

One thing led to another and we agreed to hang out after work one evening. It was a friendly meeting and we enjoyed each other's company.

Months later, after several chats and calls we met again and Tunde couldn't help expressing himself to me.

Though he was married with kids he couldn't resist the attraction. He said he was falling for me.

I knew already because I saw the way he looked at me each time we met. I must confess I was beginning to feel him too.

Sometimes he'll screen grab my picture from my status and zoom it to emphasize on how beautiful and photogenic I am, then send it back to me.

This always made me blush and feel special. He'd call me for several long minutes and make me laugh like a secondary school girl that just received a love letter from her crush. It seemed like the most exciting time of my life.

Once again I felt loved, wanted, and all kinds of special feeling. I wasn't really having issues with my marriage but I was enjoying the attention Tunde was giving me.

As time went on, Tunde professed his love for me. He still loved his wife but couldn't help thinking about me always.

He wished we'd spend some time together, alone, without interference. The adventurous spirit in me arose and I took up the challenge. I wanted to know where this would lead to. Truthfully, I never expected to fall for another man but then...

I met with Tunde at a lodge he'd booked, one thing led to another and we kissed. At first it seemed like a mistake as we looked into each other's eyes searching to see if any of us was sorry for what we did.
My heart was racing and hormones were rising as Tunde pulled me close for another kiss.

I should have objected but like the Bible says, flesh was weak, I yielded.
We kissed again, this time hungrily, passionately like we'd just found water in the desert and our lives depended on it.

My eyes were already closed as Tunde's hands began to caress every sensitive part of my body that made me feel like a woman.
I didn't know when my hands grabbed Tunde, pulling him close, wanting more, cutting off every space between us and trying to get rid of anything that was stopping my flesh from meeting his.

Like a bolt from the blue, my phone rang loudly, interrupting the flow like when NEPA disconnects your power supply while you are engrossed in an interesting movie.
I pulled away almost immediately and picked my phone from the table where our empty bottles of drink sat.

One look at the caller ID: "Honey".

                     ****                       ****
Oya let's rub minds. BTW, this is a real life story. Happened to someone I know.
Is it possible to be in love with more than one person? Or was it just lust?
Where do you think the drama series should have ended? Do you think she was wrong? Or was it Tunde's fault? What should have or shouldn't happened?
Meet me in the comment section.

You know The Tory Teller loves you plenty.


Photo credit: Capital FM
© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Oshey my heart is beating fast o

  2. This kind of comment has to be done as anonymous oo.
    badly want to do what she just did now. E go be things.

  3. Egungun be kiaful, na express you dey go/2x
    Motor go jam you.
    E don happen, I don tell am/2x
    Motor don jam am🙆

  4. Wow! Was hoping to get an immediate answer after the story.

    Well, I won't really call it 'lust'. They got so attracted to each other and they couldn't help the feeling.
    At some point, they might look back at their spouses/family and realise that they can't be with each other.
    Then, the feelings will gradually fade out.

    1. Oh wow!
      So you don't think it's lust.
      But don't you think they both let themselves get carried away?
      Shouldn't there have been a time when the line of boundaries out to have been drawn?

  5. Well such happens and it does so happens when boundaries are crossed. Many of these stories are buried in graveyards and will never come to light in this life.

    What they felt for each other was sexual passion and not genuine love which was cultivated by much attention they paid to each other.
    Emotional intimacy builds when we invest our time with people emotionally. The truth is that more often than not, the escapade is usually short lived as the flames gradually burn out for lack of commitment, guilty conscience or scandal. But by then they may have recorded series of intimate sexual encounters that will remain with their history. Ladies especially should remember, that old flames can still rekindle so maintain your social distance��

    1. Ah!
      This is the gospel truth and the word for today.
      Too many lines were crossed.
      Social distance is important!
      Thank you for this!

  6. Let me assume there was unexpressed initial feelings/attraction from both or either sides. Being in love with more than a person has been proven to be real. But for the married, it's a game of risk.
    Beautiful storyline, Torryteller, you are yet to perform below expectation.

    1. Awww!
      Thanks for the compliment.
      So you agree one can be in love with more than one person.
      Okay, I agree too.
      But why do you want to assume anything na?

  7. Firstly I believe this can happen to anyone, being in love with two persons can also happen bcos when someone cares for you Beyond ur expectations, a part of you begins to yearn for them. My advice is always to know where to draw ur boundaries bcos marriage is a commitment which should be honored. What lies ahead of most extra marital affair is "regrets" and sometimes "Scandals" .

    1. Wow! I love that you agree with the reality of the story.
      And you are very correct about drawing boundaries because when those lines are crossed, hmmm, you never can tell if you'll ever be able to go back. Then the regrets and scandals are end point that leave such a person with an unhealing injury.
      Thank you for this dear Buchi.

  8. It is possible to love two people at the same time. Don't we love our siblings, friends and even parents deeply?

    I'm not married yeah, but I know it is absolutely possible to start catching feelings for someone else even when you & your partner are all good.

    I'm glad the call came in before things got too deep. I'm somewhat glad she had the experience, and I can only hope she won't pursue it.

    1. Haba! How can you compare the love you have for family with the attraction and love of the opposite sex na. It's not the same thing biko.
      This love thing eh.. Hmm. I agree with you about being in love with more than one person sha.
      Should we say the call saved the day?

    2. Maybe it would have ended in premium regret

  9. Yeah, it happens . I guess it was just a mere feeling and what made it go that far was because both of them did not keep their spouses in the loop.

    1. So you think they should have carried their spouses along right?

  10. Hmmnnn that's why I always insist that infidelity is not gender biased. From this story, they are both regular married folks that fell in lust not because they have bad marriages but are probably only curious and seeking new stuff. Now I will understand when society says 'men cant be eating only one soup' if the same energy can be maintained towards women because from this story, both males and females seek adventure and new stuff. #notencouraginginfidelityoooooo

    1. I sincerely agree with your point of view, infidelity is not gender based.
      Anyone can be tempted, anyone can fall. No one is perfect but wisdom is always available, it's for one to understand that every action has consequences and subsequent implications so it is expedient for one always apply wisdom and caution before taking any decision. That's why you have a heart and a brain that function properly, when your heart wants to mislead you, let your brain correct you. Know when to draw the line to avoid stories dt touch!

  11. Lol... There are times you look back and realise even the simplest things could mean the difference between a life time of regret and a short while of pleasure. Peace above all else is what you should strive for tho.

    She wasn't wrong as there's no wrong in the natural reaction of one's body. She was however wrong to have entertained the conversation to the point of a meet up.

  12. There's a very tiny line between Love and Lust...they both feel same, but isn't . Thank God for honey's phone call ooo...hahahaha


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