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                    ***                         *** 
After lectures on Wednesday evening, Gina was so tired and famished. She decided to take a drink to calm her nerves and regain lost strength before heading home. She strolled down the lecture block to give herself this treat. 

As she sat down, sipping her cold bottle of Tango drink, she noticed a dark guy sitting by her side but with his eyes deeply buried in the book he’s holding.

He had a perfect body type from what she could see. Well built broad shoulders, outstanding height, nicely carved chin, nice arm, not thin, muscular, dark skin tone, long fingers to mention but a few remarkable features. She needed to see his face so she decided to say hello.

“Hi, good evening. I’m Gina. What’s your name?"

He looked up. Stared at her for a few seconds wondering what kinda girl would be so bold to introduce herself and even have the guts to ask of his name in return. He blinked few times, smiled and said “I’m Dennis”

Wow! His face was even cuter than his body, she thought to herself.

White set of teeth, pointed nose, full curvy brows, beautiful charming eyes.

Gina got lost as she was busy analyzing him. He allowed her to breath it in for few moments, then said, “ Are you done? Or do I need to buy you fried yam and potatoes to go with your Tango drink? Anyway, say me hi to your fair friend."

He stood up and left.

“Ohhh Emmm Geee! He’s even taller than I imagined. I met me an African god,” Gina whispered to herself.

On getting to the hostel, she started immediately narrating her encounter to her friends.

“Girls, I’m telling you, this is the type of man I’d want to date. He’s just too handsome. He’s the real definition of TDH”

“What’s TDH please?” Amara instantly threw at her.

“Dear Sister Mary, It means Tall Dark and Handsome” Milan said and they both laughed at Amara for her naivety.

“Mill, we need to work on this girl, brush her up else she’ll graduate and leave this school as a virgin “

“And did I tell you people that I have any plans of getting disvirgined in this Uni? Hell NO! You two can go ahead with your boys and sex talk. I’m not interested. When I’m done here, I’ll go back to the convent where I’ll be a Reverend Sister.” Amara emphatically shot at them.

Gina and Milan looked at each other and burst into serious laughter.

When they both laughed to their satisfaction, Milan said “Gee, abeg continue with the better gist you were giving us before Sister Amara interrupted.”

“Yes oh, as I was saying, the bobo is so fine eh, chai. He’s just my spec. Everywhere stew. I want oh. And it seems he knows me, cause he asked if he should buy me yam and potatoes. How else did he know I love those if not that he knows me or he’s been stalking me. But whichever way, I’m game. I’m so gonna do everything possible to make him be mine. I’m crushing big time”

“I hope you remember that your parents didn’t send you to this school to have a boyfriend. They sent you here to make good grades and graduate with flying colours. Besides, how old are you to be having a boyfriend, madam crusher?” Amara asked.

“I’m eighteen ma. Did that answer your question? Now let me be.” Gina was already getting angry. She just couldn’t understand why Amara was bent on upsetting her or why she didn't just like to talk about the opposite sex.

“You’re eighteen is not enough reason to start having a boyfriend or crushing on one. Please drop that idea”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hold it right there. Can’t we have a decent conversation without you raining on someone’s parade? If you don’t want to listen please let the door hit you properly on your way out” Milan shrieked to Amara before turning to Gina.

“Babe, please complete the gist. I want to hear it to the last”

Gina smiled and said “Anyway, we said Hello to each other and he said I should say hi to my fair friend. I actually don’t know who he wants me to say hi to but I guess it should be you, Mill, cause Sister Mary does not associate with boys so he can’t be talking about her.”

They both laughed at Amara and at some point, she joined to laugh.

                                ***                            ***

There was a knock on the door. The girls kept quiet and all listened. The knock came again. Who could that be? 

Gina checked her time, it was 4.30 pm. They weren’t expecting anybody.

Who could be visiting them on a Friday evening? 

“Who’s there?” Gina asked.

“Gee, open, it’s Mill”

“Gosh, you scared us. We weren’t expecting you. What are you doing here by this time?” Gina asked as she stood up to open the door.

“I told my parents I wanted to stay over here for the weekend. Hope it’s okay by you girls”

“Of course it’s okay. Ama do you mind?” Gina asked.

“No I don’t. Mill you’re welcome”

As Milan was still trying to settle in, there was another knock on the door.

This time, Gina didn’t bother asking, she just opened the door and there he was, standing before her was the African god with all his shades of handsomeness.

She stared for few minutes but got the courage to say “hi, welcome to my humble abode. Please come in.” 

He walked in looking all handsome.

“Hello girls” He greeted.

Amara heard his voice. “I’ve heard this voice before “ she said within herself.

As she turned around to face him, their eyes locked. It’s the guy from under the shade. She froze. 

“Hello beautiful “ he said.

Her heart started racing like a power bike.

She wanted to run but couldn’t make a move. Her whole body began to shake. She was terrified. 

“Hey, I don’t bite. I won’t hurt you. I didn’t get your name the last time we met and you also forgot your novel with me. I’m Dennis by name. And you are?”

Amara ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!... I can’t talk to guys. They are dangerous. They want something from me. They always want something from girls and when they can’t get it, they RAPE. God please save me. I told Daddy I would be better of in convent, why did I agree to attend a university? Why why why?” She cried within herself.

“God please save me. I need You more than ever. Save me from University guys. Amen” she prayed frantically.

“Sorry about that. Please don’t mind my friend. She is terrified when it comes to issues that concerns guys. I’m...”

“Gina” he cut in.

“Oh, I didn’t know you’d remember. She’s Milan but we call her Mill.” Gina introduced Milan 

“Hello Milan “

“Hello Dennis”

Milan and Denis shook hands as they exchanged pleasantries.

“What’s her name?” Dennis asked pointing towards the bathroom.

“She’s Amara but we call her Ama," Gina answered.

“Fair enough, please do give her this novel. It’s hers. And thank you for your time. Do have a pleasant weekend girls”

As Dennis got to the door, he loudly said “Bye Ama! Thanks for the novel. I enjoyed it.”

And he left the room.

“Wow, dude is all shades of handsome. He even looks better that your description. And he’s a gentleman. Gina, if you’re no longer interested please tell me, I don’t mind having him.” Milan said while tickling Gina.

They both laughed so hard that they didn’t notice when Amara came out of the bathroom.

When they saw her, they increased their laughter.

                        ***                                 ***

“Laugh all you want, I will have nothing to do with any guy in this university till I graduate. I’m not talking to them. Not being their friend nor having any thing to do with them. I must make sure I avoid them till I leave this male infested university."

“Oh don’t be ridiculous my friend. You can have male friends and still be a virgin. I’ve had a boyfriend in the past but that did not make me loose my virginity. I’m still one but I decided, on my own, that I will give it to any guy that's worth it in this uni. A guy like Dennis, I will willingly give it to without thinking twice.” Gina said.

“Hahahahaha, I don’t mind giving mine to the same Dennis Biko. He’s too perfect “ Milan said laughing hysterically.

“You both can decide to give him at the same time. Your body, not mine. 

"Please let’s change this topic. What’s for dinner ?” Amara said rubbing her tummy

“Fries!” The other girls chorused but Amara refused because she didn’t want to step outside for the fear of meeting Dennis twice in one day.

She decided to cook rice for dinner.

                        ***                        ***

Written by Munachi Kyrian

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  2. I can't wait for Amara to get pregnant. Looking forward to the next episode.


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