Immediately the event came to an end I received a call from my boss requesting my presence at the office urgently. I didn't know if I felt disappointed or helpless because I really wanted to meet with that little boy's parents.

This was the second time his talent was brought to my notice and it was a good opportunity to meet his family. Besides after now I don't see any reason why I should approach them.

I remembered when Ms. Victoria had mentioned him to me, she sounded like she was friendly with them. Maybe I could get in touch with them through her.

While I was still considering this, I packed my son's belongings and we headed for the parking lot. Bubu wasn't happy that we had to leave before the event came to an end but I consoled him and promised to buy him ice cream when we get to my office.

He was super excited because he'd always looked forward to the day I'd take him to my office again.

The last time he went with me, he had a good time enjoying the attention from all my colleagues that he didn't even remember his mum until it was time to go home.
He skipped on beside me as we walked towards the spot where I'd parked my car. Bubu finds it difficult walking normal whenever he's excited. Watching him do that always make me chuckle.

He had just settled into the car and fastened his seat belt while I double checked it before making my way to the driver's seat when I overheard a female voice shouting at someone on the phone.

I looked up to get a better view because the part of the conversation I heard wasn't pleasant but I noticed a car was obstructing me from seeing who it was especially since the person was backing me.

Well, it was none of my business so I sat in the driver's seat, then took of my shoes to get in a comfortable position.
I was about shutting the door just after strapping myself in with the seat belt when I heard muffled sobs that tore into the silence in the car park.

Listening for a few seconds, I sensed it must be from the person who was previously on the phone. My conscience wouldn't let me drive off without making sure she was alright so I turned to face the young man sitting in the passenger seat of my car.

"Bubu Darling, would you mind giving me a few minutes to attend to someone around the corner? I promise I won't be long," then I winked at him with a charming smile.

"Alright mum,"

My son is such an understanding chap, calm and mature like his dad.

I fixed my feet back into my shoes, stepped out of the car and walked towards the sound of the sobs.

As I drew closer, I realized it was the same woman who was taking pictures of the Anambra boy, Chukwudi Odoh.

I wondered what could have upset her as I noticed she immediately started wiping her face the moment she heard footsteps walking towards her direction.

"Hi. I don't mean to intrude you but I hope you're alright?" I asked raising a brow.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine," she faked a smile but her reddened eyes gave her away.

"We both know you aren't. I'm just concerned that's all. I couldn't help it but I heard you arguing on the phone."

"It's nothing really. Just that my husband called to say he can't make the cultural day and I feel bad that's all."

"Oh dear, sorry about that. If it makes you feel better, mine couldn't make it as well. Are you Chukwudi's mum?"

"Yes, how do you know him?" she was more curious than I was.

"Oh pardon my manners. I am Mrs. Adaora Odoh, Chukwuebuka's mum.

"Wow! I am Mrs. Felicity Odoh. What a coincidence!"

"Yeah, a small world we live in. I heard your son say during his presentation that he's from Amawbia, that's my village too."

"Are you for real?" Her eyes where almost popping out of its socket. I am sure she was feeling the same way I felt when I listened to her son's presentation.

"Well, your son bears my husband's name, that was what attracted me to him," I said as I smiled at her.

"Now this is more than coincidence. Are you sure we are not related because that's my husband's name too. Chukwudi Udoka Odoh."

At this point, I suddenly started feeling funny. Was this woman hanging noodles on my ears or something?

"Do you mind if I see the picture of your husband? Who knows, he may be a long lost brother to my husband."
We both laughed at how silly the thought sounded as I quickly pulled out my phone to show her my beloved husband's picture as she did same.

Nothing in my 37 years of existence prepared me for what I was saw on her phone. A family picture of the Odohs showing Junior Chukwudi, his mum, Felicity and my beloved husband, Chukwudi Udoka Odoh.

                ***                    ***                    ***

Dear reader, please feel free to share your thought. What would you do if you discovered that your spouse had another family somewhere?

What do you think Adaora should do?


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  1. Ah! My chest.
    Let me wait to read comments mbok.

    Thanks completing this story ToryTeller. Well done .

  2. Good story. This usually happens to women that are erratic, unpredictable and have history of mismanaging relationship crisis.

    When the man makes a mistake he hides it from the wife because he knows that she will capitalize on the error to ruin him. And as such he starts managing the error secretly until it degenerates into something like this.

    This usually starts with a secret affair that results in pregnancy and then the man secretly settles with the woman in another home usually in different cities as an estranged wife- running two families at the same time. However, the man is to be blame for his crafty, cruel and deceptive behavior.

    No matter what, he should have taken responsibility to address the issue, atleast let his wife know that there's another woman. After all in our context many men marry more than one wife in the same house.

    Furthermore, this could be as a result of the personality and standing of the man in the society. He may not be able to face the shame of society and then decided to keep the second woman and estranged family secret. Religious and political leaders can fall into this category.

    The bottomline is that the truth is out. If the man is legally married to his first wife, then he has committed bygamy if he's legally married to both and will face the consequences of his action. If he married traditionally then they should settle amicably. If he has a Christian marriage, then he should stay with the first wife and settle the other one with her kids. Thanks.

    1. WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!
      This one is serious Epistle o!
      Hei God!
      I get your point but the bottom line is that the man is wrong from every point of view.
      This is not acceptable biko.
      Did you notice that the away match son is even older than the legitimate son?
      What excuse can one give for infidelity that is acceptable?
      None whatsoever!
      Absolutlely None!

    2. I beg to disagree with you. A woman being erratic has nothing to do with a man who has chosen to be irresponsible and constantly lie to his wife, because he must have tons of lies which he dishes out to his wife each time he had to meet the other family or even send them money.
      He must really have some nerve sha

    3. Thank you for this.
      I thought I was the only one that noticed

  3. Nawa for this long epistle above my comment!
    Just to admit that the man is wrong, you are weaving words like braids. Continu.

    Anyways, men who have double families are bastards and do not deserve the faithfulness of dutiful wives. They deserve the disappointment and heartache that their wives experience and much more.
    Ungrateful and sick lots.

    1. My dear I am as pained as you o.
      Sincerely, like I said earlier, there is no excuse for infidelity.

    2. Well ladies who give their husbands another man's child to father in his own house are called what? Let me help you... Legal Bastards! Back to the story.... Mind the kind of marriage u enter. U married a man who doesn't pick your calls at particular intervals especially when he travels or he decides to travel frequently without a proper address or destination then you are a candidate for such things. The man is wrong but women should do everything to ensure that they are not married in deception. My advise to men also is that they should do a DNA for their kids to ensure that they are not fathering another man's child.

    3. Eskis me sir, I see you are seriously digressing. I am saying sir because from the tone of your comments you are obviously a man. I really don't know why you are leaving the matter on ground and addressing another.
      This issue of DNA you are bringing up now is not related to the matter we are addressing.
      I thought we were focusing on Adaora's story, so why the sudden attack and mentioning of bastards here?
      That is really not nice.
      I am not saying that infidelity is a male or female, like I have always stated, there is no excuse whatsoever for infidelity.
      Quote me anywhere!

    4. That word legal bastard is just a response to the comment of kemiclassico calling some men bastards. However, being a lady u didn't find anything wrong with that. Infidelity has no excuse no excuse has been given for infidelity here. The scenarios and illustrations used were for the purpose of throwing light on factors that can lead to such and to help others identify such. Please write about why men should take their kids for DNA test. Thanks.

    5. Dear sir, you sound very pained and aggressive in your comment and I feel that you may have a bitter experience to share.
      That explains your constant digression from the issue being discussed.
      However, I appreciate your comment on giving illustrations on what likely have been the reason behind the deception of Adaora's husband.
      Unfortunately, that doesn't give a solution nor consolation to the character in the story.
      Rather, it sounds like you're making excuses for infidelity which is unacceptable.
      If you have a story to share with us please contact me ASAP via email Thank you.

  4. I'm sure the first anonymous commenter is a man trying (and failing) to defend his men folk. Eish!

    Anyway, to Adaora; what will she do now? Her (their) husband can only apologize, really. There's nothing else he can do in this matter, and I don't know what to advise her to do either.

    BTW, Tory Teller, why did you keep us waiting for so long now? ��

    1. Lolz at your first statement.
      I am so sorry for the delay.
      I had to get Adaora's permission before posting the rest.
      Pardon me, I will do better henceforth.
      Hmm. What can I say? The deed has been done already.
      I repeat, there is no excuse for infidelity in marriage.

  5. Let me write another epistle, Well you can only guess that am a man. Nobody is defending anybody... Biko try to be objective and open minded. Sometimes we need to understand why things happen and that's the only way to build lasting peace and solution. The lessons we learn from understanding the possibilities of why those things happen will help other readers to identify such or avoid it. For example if the man is married to both women, one of the marriage no reach home or village. And the woman whose marriage didn't get to the man's home became the weak link for such things to happen. What is the lesson, women should learn to marry properly within our context. Furthermore, if his family hid the history of his former wife, it means that due diligence was not done and they are part of the deception. Lastly, one of the ladies might just be a side chick who is cohabiting with the man as his wife where he rented. So in as much as the man is to be blamed, ladies should leave their emotions and get sense.

    1. Looks like somebody came with hammer to destroy all the furniture in the house.
      Anyway, if you scatter everything we will sit on the floor, that's not a big deal sha.
      But thank you for coming back to clarify certain things.
      Every story has a lesson so that others can learn from previous made and avoid it reoccurring. I wish we can spread the word as much as we can because truthfully, these things happen everyday and sadly, the women are at the receiving end.
      I want to also believe that there were people involved in helping the unfaithful man cover up his irresponsible acts. We can do better. Let me stop here for now. I need a drink!

  6. like you rightly said, " there's no excuse for infidelity" . But I don't think she should rush into taking any action.
    She has to determine whether she's the legal wife (n pick between forgiving n walking away) or the side chick who has been played on and leave as well... the matter be as it get wallahi

    1. Well, you do have a point. Definitely she will feel hurt and betrayed but needs to first calm down and get to the root of the matter before making decisions.

  7. My heart fail me to actually tell what I will do if I were in Adaora's shoes.

  8. I can understand how you feel my dear. It hurts in every aspect. I can't just put my mind to this but sadly, it is the fate of a woman like us.

  9. I just love the engagements on this story. I'm all for that! Please, I need to read more reactions to this. BTW, I really like the first point made by the first anonymous response. That was apt! Point is Chukwudi Udoka Odoh seems to take good care of these two women. He's a very smart crook. Who will leave her marriage for who? I just hope they're both not "We die here" kind of women else, na serious wahala.
    Well done, Tory Teller. I have the facilities for the concluding part of this story. Don't keep me hanging Biko! Lol

    1. Thank you for the compliments.
      No matter how you view it, it's tragic already thanks to the Chameleon husband.
      This is the concluding part of the story or do you want to do a follow up on Adaora?
      I can give you her contact though.

    2. Oh girl girl girl!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

      This is a freak for me. Walking through this journey must have not been easy one but God above else, you were able to make it this far. It's so exhilarating and jaw dropping reading this take. I want to be like you when I growπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    3. Dear Casa thank you for your amazing compliment and for stopping by.
      God above all.
      May God grant us grace to overcome every situation we find ourselves.


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