I'm sure you're already wondering the details of this post from the title. Well, worry no more, because I am here to give you gist from way back!

While growing up, there was a time I used to think I was a twin. Lolz. That was because I had a sister who was always dressed in the same attire as me. I have 2 elder sisters and my mum always bought the 3 of us similar clothes but most times my immediate senior, Chinwendu and I were dressed alike if the clothes were just 2.

Chigirl (as we fondly call her, don't let me start mentioning all her nicknames, it will fill up this blog) and I attended the same Primary and Secondary school, as a matter of fact I was her shadow, following her religiously, wherever she went.

We performed a lot of exploits while growing up. I can't count how many guys we humiliated, she would sometimes compose a song to make jest of them and we would sing it until tears flowed. Hei God! My sister had and still has bad mouth! You can read how we dealt with one of her male classmates here you won't believe what we did. I still feel bad when I think of it sometimes though.

I remember one incident when we were in secondary school back then in Port-Harcourt. She was in SS3 while I was in SS2 and she was my dormitory prefect. It was the norm then for students to be rude to their seniors if they were just a class ahead of them so I knew it was going to be tough for her in my dormitory but I wouldn't give room for that.

One day while she was counting for students to leave the dormitory, I was in a hurry to leave because I knew the consequences, suddenly one of my room mates came to me and said, "Onyinye, you can take your time na, it's your sister that is counting, she won't do you anything."

I laughed at her ignorance because she gat no idea. My sister or not, the house prefect would not tolerate disobedience from anybody. Long story short, when my mates saw me flying out of the dormitory, they didn't need the gods of their land to tell them to do same.

My sister had flogged me one time in the presence of my mates to pass a message across to them that she had zero tolerance for nonsense or misbehaviour. This act gave them sense by force and they gave her full dose of the respect that she deserved.

Anyway, she always had a way of compensating me after such escapades. After all, what are sisters for? I cannot remember how many times I devoured my provisions and descended on hers or how I would always run to her when I have spent all my pocket money and she would rescue me.

She showed me love and care in all ramifications. I enjoyed having a big sister in school then because she was like my guarding angel.

Till date, she still looks out for me. When I finished my Youth Service and started working, she supplied me with the first pairs of shoes and handbags I used. I still go to her house to raid her shoes till now and I am not ashamed, izit nor my sister's own? 

That was how we were raised anyway, we always look out for each other. She was ready to beat any male figure that came around me then, to her, I didn't need any form of distraction at that time. Bottom line is, the story of my life is incomplete without her.

I am telling you this story because today being the 19th of September is her birthday. If I don't talk about her, wetin I gain?

In summary, Chinwendu is a generous, supportive, motivating, inspiring, caring, competitive, jovial, friendly and everythingly bestest big sis of life. Lolz don't mind my grammar jare

I call her my ride and die because if she carries your matter on her head, she will not rest until you succeed. With her, it is either you win or you win. There's no room for failure.

Happiest Birthday dear Sis! I want you to know that I love and appreciate you a great deal. Thank you for always being you and standing for what is right at all times. As you add another year, may the good Lord grant you all your heart desires and make your life a fulfilling one. Cheers to greater years ahead.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Happy birthday Chinwe, age with grace

  2. Happy birthday to our beloved sister.

  3. Facts only! Happy birthday to my beautiful Sis &Dcns. Live long and prosper in Jesus’name

  4. I'm truly overwhelmed with this write-up. It was least expected, honestly. My one and only Tory Teller, you just made me laugh so hard that tears ran down my cheeks. I love you now and every other day. Thank you for being a blessing to us. God bless you now and always. Amen.

    1. Dear sis, thank you for being my biggest fan too!
      I see how seriously you take my blog and I appreciate you.


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