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Sitting quietly under the same mango tree shade, Amara was busy with her novel when a voice slowly whispered, "We meet again ".

“Oh my God! Please let it not be a guy!” She mumbled with her eyes tightly shut.

“Of course, it is. And not just any other guy, it’s still the one you always run away from. Are you in any way related to Usain Bolt cause, girl, you have a future in running. For the third time, I’m Dennis Ezeh and thanks to Gina, I now know you’re Amara. Can you please open your eyes now?”

“I don’t want trouble. I’m going to shut my eyes till you leave. Please leave, I beg you“

“I won’t. And if you think I’ll get bored and leave you alone, baby girl, you’re in for a long ride. I just want to talk to you. I want to have a decent conversation with you. Please give me a chance and stop acting like a toddler."

Dennis sat opposite her and as she managed to peep, He was still there. She shut her eyes again. Then she felt his hands hold hers. Her eyes suddenly popped open. 

Her hands started to tremble. She wanted to pull of her hands but didn’t have the strength to do so. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She had never been this scared, weak and confused at the same time. She silently prayed to God to forgive her and help her.

He held unto her hands and kept his gaze directly into her eyes. He felt the horror in her heart. It broke his heart to see such a beauty in tears. He wished to kiss away her fears and make her feel better.

“I won’t hurt you. I promise. I cross my heart. Please give me a chance to have a talk with you. You’re beautiful and reserved. I want to know more about you. Please Amara. Give me a CHANCE," he stressed.

Luck shone on Amara as Gina walked towards them. At last, a hope of getting out of that place alive. Thank goodness!

“Hi Dennis. Good afternoon."

"Ama, sup? Why are you crying?” Gina asked looking amused.

With a very weak voice Amara answered “Please beg him to let me go. I want to go home.” Tears kept rolling down her eyes.

“Is he hurting you? “

Dennis let go immediately and stood up to walk away.

“Can I have a hug? You’ve had a hand shake with Mill, had to hold AMA’s hands but I’ve had none. Can I please have a hug?”

“Sure.” He said as he bent low to gave her a warm hug.


Gina smiled and nodded. He walked away and Gina kept smiling and staring at him.

On their way home, Gina asked silent Amara why she was crying. She said she felt helpless when he held her hands and couldn’t get her voice. So the only thing to do was just to cry.

Gina advised her to pick courage and speak when she needs to.

“Shying away from these guys make you look so weak and vulnerable, please pick up courage and TALK. Just a conversation. It won’t hurt you” she advised her friend.

“I don’t know how to do that. I’ve never had a conversation with a guy before. I can’t do that. I just can’t,” Amara said.

“Just open your mouth and allow words flow. Okay?”

“Okay ma’am “ Amara said while rolling her eyes.

It’s been a very hectic week.

Exam stress and all. The official first exam in the university for the girls. 

The girls have been so busy with reading and writing that they hardly had time to eat.  Two more papers to go and they’ll have to call it a wrap with that semester.

Amara was busy reading in the school library when she felt a presence around her.

She paused for a while then turned left only to see a tall fair looking guy standing there. He said “Hello” but she decided to focus back on her book. She was boiling with rage at that moment. She was wondering what he wants. Anyways, the silent treatment will still work again. When he’s done standing, he’ll go just like others do.

He stood for some time only to return again.

She was just pissed and decided to tell him off so she can concentrate and read.

“Please leave me alone. I’m not interested in whatever you have to say. I’m busy trying to make good grades here. If I don’t read, I won’t pass my exams so please lea...” that’s when she turned only to see Denis standing there.

She froze again.

“You have a beautiful voice too. Please don’t stop talking. This is me hearing your speak without fear nor tears. Please don’t stop talking.” 

She tried to talk but with mouth wide open, words couldn’t come out.

Denis placed his hands on her shoulder. Leaned forward and whispered “breath baby, breath!.... I just wanna say GOOD LUCK. See you later, Ama.”

He gave her a warm kiss on her neck. Touched Gina that was sitting besides her and said, “good luck to you too.”

He walked off and never looked back.

“No! No! No! No! No! Noooooooo!, this is not happening.” Ama said as she grabbed her handkerchief to clean the spot he kissed.

“Why can’t he leave like others? Why is he so persistent? Why can’t he just let me be? What is wrong with this Denis of a guy?” She said quietly 

“Because he really likes you “ Gina whispered to her.

She turned to Gina and gave her a long and wicked stare while Gina grinned back at her.

Written by Munachi Kyrian

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