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I hope this meets you well. The story from our guest writer Muna Kyrian continues here. Enjoy...

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At home, Ama was just rounding off with her luggage while looking all gloomy.

“What’s wrong darling? You’ve been bright all this holiday period only to look unhappy today. Talk to mummy, what’s wrong?” asked Mrs Jane.

“Mum, I don’t want to go back to that university. I prefer my convent where I’ll have less contact with guys. The male folks I’m happy around are dad, Ubah and Cheta. Asides them, other guys freak me out. And mum, they are so many in that school. I can’t keep dodging them, I might have to talk to them one day and that scares me too.”

“That’s the main reason your Dad insists you go to that school. You need to mix up. You attended all girls school from primary to secondary. That’s one of the reasons you’re having this ‘almost phobia for guys’ things. Nne, please mix up. Men or guys don’t bite...”

“But they rape” Ama cut in.

“Not all. Cultured guys don’t rape. Have you ever heard that your elder brothers raped anyone?”

“That’s because they are good people.” Ama said.

“Same way so many guys out there are good people too. Learn to accept others too. If you don’t give them a chance, you won’t figure out who’s good and who’s bad, okay?”

“Yes mum” Ama replied with a squeezed face.

“Now finish up quickly. You have a long way to go and Ubah needs to drop you off in school then return home today. Don’t make my son drive home late at night okay.”

“Yes mama” she smiled.

While on the road, Uba and Ama were having a good discussion when Ubah suddenly asked, “Babycakes, have you finally done it?”

“Done what?” She asked.

“Have you had sex?”

“Ewwwww ewwww! Never! No! No! No!

Nah-ah! Nuh-uh! Bro’s please don’t ask me that again before I puke. I told you, I’ll never do that. I don’t even talk to boys talk more of....ewwww! Never!” She screamed.

Ubah laughed so hard and said “No problem Babycakes. But whenever you decide to, please make sure you are with a good guy and be sure he uses protection, and don’t forget to...”

“Bros, abeg drop this topic. I won’t do it. I won’t even have the the plans of doing it, I won’t even think about it. Case closed.”

“Okay Babycakes. I love you all the same. Virgin or not.”

“Just keep loving me as a virgin, that’s enough for me. “

“But do you have a boyfriend?”


Chyker? You should have one. You’re beautiful nah”

“I don’t care about them. They can chyke for all I care. I don’t want is that I don’t want.” Ama retorted.

“Easy baby, there must be one you might be interested in. Any at all? Or you wanna tell me you hate them all?”

“Erhhhm, there’s this one, I don’t like him oh, but I still don’t hate him. He’s just annoying. Always showing up at unwanted places. Sneaking up on me. I don’t understand him at all.  He seems handsome but I just...” she paused.

“Go on, it’s getting interesting," Ubah laughed.

“Bros, leave me joor. I didn’t say I like him oh. He’s weird.”

“Have you guys talked, like had a good conversation?”

“No oh, I... I... I...”

“You’ve not given him a chance to talk to you right? Babycakes, give him a chance to talk. It won’t hurt” Ubah said.

“Okay Big Bro. I will. Now let’s drive in peace and change this topic”

They both laughed and continued their ride.

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