Hey My Awesome Tory Lovers!

Yes, it's me your favourite, The Tory Teller herself! Surprised? Please don't be.

I know it's been like ages since my last post but you can't imagine how much I missed y'all and have been hoping that y'all are alright.

Honestly, I've had my hands full the past few days especially since after the #lekkitollgatemassacre, read up the details here if you missed it.

Did it hit me hard? You bet it did. But have I given up? Not in any way.

As a matter of fact, I am more hopeful for a reformed Nigeria and I know that if we, you and I, keep pushing, things will get better with time. So please don't loose faith, guess what? #wemove.

So let me officially welcome you to the 11th month of the year.

NOVEMBER!!! Happy New Month people!

Hey, I know it's a little late since this is the 4th day already but then, better late than never right? Yep.

In case you didn't know, there's something special about this date.

Drum roll!!!!

Today's my Sabi-versary! Well, I know you didn't see it coming so let me make it sink in.

On this day last year, I joined Sabi Writers so it's my one year anniversary as a Resident Writer with the First and Leading Writing Company in Africa.

Yeah, you heard right, Africa not Nigeria. See me dancing shoki, etigi, giving you gbésé and adding leg work to it!

I'm proud and I don't care! My shoulder is very high right now with 50 shoulder pads.

Oh yes! It's not easy to be a professional writer and I'm saying that with all my chest.

Do you know how much research I've carried out? How many books and articles I've written? How many websites and social media accounts I have managed?

If only you knew you'll be calling me Prof. Dr. Mrs Tory Teller. Give honour to whom honour is due!

But because of my natural humility, I'll manage without the titles.

Anyway, my journey in Sabi Writers has  greatly broadened my knowledge, expanded my bandwidth, widened my creative horizon and is constantly refilling my word bank.

I've had to opportunity of meeting talented, skillful and inspiring creatives that have motivated and challenged me in various ways. Over time, I have also built a level of confidence in my writing ability that I can take up any challenge. Give me a buzz if you need someone to handle any type of writing.

Sabi Writers is home for me and I am super grateful to be a part of such amazing family.

Enough of me already, let's talk about you, how's it going with you and what's your expectation for November? Please drop them in the comment section.

I look forward to hearing some good news from you. Be rest assured that I'll load you with gist on the blog and if you haven't subscribed, please click the subscribe button at top without further ado.

Don't forget, The Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you. May November bring you joy and restore all that you have lost.



© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Happy anniversary dear.. your labour will not be in vain. Congrats

  2. Happy one year Dr. Prof. Mrs. Tory-Teller 😉. I'm happy for you. Indeed, we are hopeful that this month will bring forth good tidings. I embark on a business project since June and I pray my Dec. , It's execution will be a high success. Lots of Love 🥰🥰

    1. Thank you very much for acknowledging my titles!
      I am praying for you o.
      Your business will succeed in Jesus' name.
      Wishing you the best of November!

  3. Congratulations Ma, wishing you many more years of great achievements ahead.
    Congrats once again.

  4. Happy Sabi-vessary my love.
    Manchystiches loves you...

    1. Awww.
      Girlfriend of life! I love you too.
      Thank you, Darling!

  5. Congratulations, blog sister!!! Whoop, whoop!

  6. First thanks for writing again after a few weeks amidst the activism in Nigeria, and congratulations 🎉 ~W

    1. Yaaaay!
      My favorite Ugandan!
      Thank you dear Benjamin.
      I'm back and better!

  7. Happy anniversary dear sister. More wins coming your way.


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