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How are y'all doing? I hope you've had a remarkable Christmas celebration. It's the last Sunday of 2020. Wow! Who would have thought we would make it this far?

Right now, I am super glad to still have you here as I continue my #31daysgratitudechallenge.

If you missed the previous one, here it is #31days of gratitude.


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without children? Like just assume that everyone was an adult. Do you think this world would be as awesome and interesting as it is? Not at all. They are one of the favorite part of God's creation and to have 2 of them to myself is one of the best things that happened to me.

Most of you already know about my bundles of joy and tranquility, Precious and Samuel, what you don't know is that their coming actually took me by surprise. Nobody really takes time to prep you for motherhood, we all get to learn on the job.

The truth is, irrespective of how amazing (I chose this word for lack of a better descriptive word) the job has been, I would not trade it for any other thing. I see couples who are married for several years and they wish they could have just 1 at least but here I am having 2 children that I didn't really request for. Not because I deserve it or because I qualify as a fabulous mother, but God, in His infinite mercies chose me to be a mother to the most extraordinary children anyone could have.

Dear God, I am grateful for my Children.

P.S You can read up about them Precious and Sammy


I have always been a people person, an extrovert, very friendly, and social so making friends is one of my strengths. The challenge is finding the right ones that have the same beliefs and ideologies as you because that's what helps the relationship to last. Fortunately, I have friends who stick closer than a brother, in the words of the Psalmist. Friends that have my back come rain, come shine and I can always count on them.

Dear God, I am grateful for good friends.


Do you know that you spend about 8 or more hours daily in your workplace? That's for those who have a 9 to 5 job. So in a week, you spend 40 hours with your colleagues. Can you imagine spending such a duration of time with people who have so much negative energy, of course, it will definitely rub off on you.

I have worked in a toxic environment which encourages some form of unhealthy and unnecessary competition so I can tell you with all confidence that I have the best set of colleagues in the world. These young creatives inspire, motivate, and challenge me in many ways that I always look forward to going to work every day because of them.

Dear God, I am for my colleagues.


Since I got married over 11 years ago, I have lived in a particular environment and the people who live around me, in my compound precisely, though they aren't perfect, we have somehow been able to live peacefully.

Yes, once in a while we have disagreements but we always find a way to settle our scores. I think I can say my neighbours and I have a mutual understanding and respect for each other. I have the ones who I can count on to look out for my children in my absence and they would not hesitate to inform me if they misbehave in my absence.

Do you know there are people who are not on talking terms with their neighbours? Well, not me. It's really arduous to keep malice with someone like me. I would intentionally heap coals of fire on your head with my goodness. Okay, I am not bragging, I am a good person. That's what people tell me anyway.

Dear God, I am grateful for my Neighbours.


I started blogging in August 2019 and I must confess that in the space of 1 year and 4 months, I have been able to build a community that I have grown to love so much. I feel so comfortable sharing details of my life's journey with you all and I always feel elated hearing from you as well.

Recently, I attended a program, and someone I didn't know just saw my face and said, "You are Tory Teller right?" I excitedly affirmed and she started telling me about how she has been reading my stories. She went as far as asking about my hubby and kids. It was an awesome experience the way we just connected like we had known for a very long time.

You can't imagine the joy I felt knowing that somehow, in my little corner, I am able to inspire somebody somewhere. That is the joy and fulfillment that this blog gives me and this motivates me to do more.

Dear God, I thank you for my Blog family.

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Hmm. Twenty-twenty has been a wonderful year, especially because it came with lots of challenges, not just for me but on a global level. Many people's finance suffered a great deal this year but guess who sailed through financially? Yours truly!

I can't begin to count how somehow I kept receiving last-minute solutions to financial challenges I faced this year. Sincerely, I am still astonished at how I was able to execute major projects that required finance. Undoubtedly, God always stepped in at the nick of time.

Dear God, I am grateful for your Provision.


Have you taken the time to study the statistics of people who died in road accidents this year? Well, according to reports, about 20,000 people die in road accidents every year. If you examine yourself carefully, you would admit that there really is no reason why you are not one of them.

I have thought about this and come to the conclusion that I am in no way better than those who didn't get to see the end of the year. With all the risks we encounter daily on the road, I should have gone by now, so should other members of my family but then God chose to spare us.

He hides us under his Pavillion and protects us from evil, not because we are worthy but for His mercies.

Dear God, I thank you for your Protection.


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You should know by now, that I love recklessly. BTW, what are you grateful for?

Stay tuned!




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