It's. The. Last. Day. Of. The. Year. 2020!!!

Yaaaaay! We made it this far! Hurraaaaaay!

I'm sure somebody is as excited as I am. So if you're reading this, Congratulations in advance!

Wow! Twenty-Twenty was a wonderful ride yes? You would agree with me that the year was loaded with enormous surprises, expected and unexpected. But I must confess, I am elated we are here, finally.

In the spirit of thankfulness, I would be dropping the last part of my #31daysofgratitudechallenge. If you missed the previous episodes, you can read up Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

22. MUSIC:

I still recall the definition of Music I learnt in my primary school, almost 30 years ago. We were taught that 'Music is the act of putting together sounds that pleases the ear'. This definition has been stuck in my head since then. So if a sound doesn't please the ear, it is noise, period! One of the tools that helps soothe my troubled heart is music.

Listening to good music has been a healing and available remedy most times. I cannot start listing all the artists whose songs I have enjoyed especially in recent times. No doubt, they're too numerous to mention. The bottom line is, I love good music, listening, dancing, and singing help me enjoy music too.

Dear God, I am grateful for Music.


What is man's existence without all of nature that we are graciously and bountifully surrounded by? The trees, land, rivers, mountains, plants, oceans, hills, animals, seas, sky; everything on earth.

Truly they were put in place for our pleasure. Can you imagine a world without them? That's why God took time to create these things before forming man so that we could enjoy them. These are worth being appreciated.

Dear God, I am grateful for Nature.


Have you ever played a game and won? How did it feel? I'm sure it felt really good and raised your confidence a notch higher. Yeah, I know that feeling because I've been there too.

In the few years of my existence, (I'm just a teenageršŸ˜œ) I've experienced victory in certain aspects of my life and it has given me a broader perspective about many other battles I have encountered in life. It has also motivated me to strive for greater achievements.

Dear God, I am grateful for my Victories.


Is it possible to go through life without trials, temptations, tests, or struggles? Not at all. They are all part of what builds a person. If you think that life is a bed of roses, remember that there are also thorns amongst lovely roses.

The twists and turns all make life's journey interesting and intriguing. I have had my own fair share of life's challenges, I have won some and lost some too. The truth is, anytime I didn't win, I learnt a lesson so I appreciate my challenges.

Dear God, I am grateful for my Challenges.

26: ART:

I have always been a lover of Art because of its accommodation of expression. I also believe God is the greatest artist and his creations are visual evidence and expressions of his creativity. If you think that Art is only about drawing, painting, or sculpturing, you may need to have a rethink because it involves more.

Whatever allows you to express yourself, irrespective of what form it takes is art. I love to express myself, in writing especially. So yes, I love Art.

Dear God, I am grateful for Art.

27. HELP:

Where do I start? Hmm. I know that I could not have come this far in life without the assistance of many. After all, no man is an island. I really cannot count the number of people who have in many ways than I could mention, been of immense help to me, my family, business, career, and even ministry.

All those times I wanted to give up on me, there were those who were strategically positioned to meet one need or the other. I wish I could mention names but time will fail me.

Dear God, I am grateful for Help.


Where would I be if I wasn't saved? The gift of Salvation, God sending his only begotten son to die for the redemption of mankind, is the best gift ever given to humanity.

I am not sure that I would be the me that I am if not for Christ. Well, I don't want to think about it but I am glad to be saved.

Dear God, I am grateful for Salvation.


Okay, this one is a tough one. I cannot claim to have lived a perfect life or have been the best person. I know that I have offended a number of people and I have also been offended too. What gladdens my heart is the gift of forgiveness. 

A popular saying from an 18th century English Poet is that 'To err is human, but to forgive is divine'. This is the summary of everything. Forgiveness helps us to let go, make amends, and move on.

Dear God, I am grateful for Forgiveness.


Let me confess, the internet is one of the best innovations of man. Hahaha. Most of you reading this would not have been able to without the internet. Need I say more? It has saved many from depression and boredom too.

No, I don't want to go into the disadvantages of the internet please, we are counting blessings remember? So yes, it is a blessing to humanity.

Dear God, I am grateful for the Internet

31. GOD:

If man was God, hahaha, what do you think would have happened by now? I'm sure I know exactly. But I am glad that God is God with all his bounteous mercy and graciousness made available to us. What more can I say?

Dear God, I am grateful for God!

Wow! I didn't know how I was going to go about this but, Yes! I did it. Let me announce that this is the end of my #31daysofgratitude challenge and my last post for the year 2020.

Thank you for being a part of my 2020.

Gracias! Danke! Merci! Ese! Dalu! Nagode! Obrigado! Ayaiya! Migwo!

Sending you loads of love, hugs, and kisses!

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© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Yaaay! Happy New Year, Mammy!

    I'm grateful for music too, and we had quite a lot of good music in 2020.

    Cheers to the testimonies we're expecting (and unexpected) in 2021.

    1. Happy New Year Darling BJ.
      Cheers to an amazing 2021!


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