CHRISTMAS MEMORIES: Blast from the past!

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It's 3 days to Christmas! Are y'all ready? What's popping with you? Where are you spending your Christmas? East, West, North, or South? Who are you spending it with? Family, Friends, or Lovers?

I'm sure you can feel the excitement in my tone. I am sorry, I'm finding it difficult to contain my behaviour, hey, it's Christmas!

On today's episode of Christmas memories, our guest writer is bringing back lots of memories from the past. And guess what? It's from my Blog sister!

Okay, I won't say much, enjoy!

My Top 5 Christmas Fashion Items (as a kid)

 As a policeman's daughter, I was born in the barracks where I spent one-fourth of my formative years.

Growing up in the barracks meant growing up with a lot of children. We lived in an apartment on a block (story building) that had about 30 other apartments and there were many of those blocks. And I've not even counted the blocks of bungalows o *scoffs*

You just do the math!

1. Hairstyles

Christmas was a subtle competition of whose child had the best outfit, koi-koi shoes, and hairstyle. Days before Christmas, mothers would sit their baby girls down and "blow" their hair with relaxers that left their scalps burnt, hair gummed to the wounded parts with pus that soon caked and began to smell.

The girls who had longer hair suffered even more because they would not only have to endure having their heads sandwiched between smelly thighs, but also deal with blisters from tight hairstyles which made them lose chucks of baby hair while taking the attachments off.

It was pure torture!

One Christmas, my cousins decided that because my hair was too full and stubborn, packing gel with telephone wire would save everyone a lot of headache and time. I never looked back. It was packing gel for me till I grew out of that phase. What??? I didn't believe there was a style that could be that fast to make, less painful and still utterly beautiful and I'd been made to endure such torture.

2. Aunty-give-me-cake gowns

Like, why take me to the market with you if my preferred choice of outfit won't be entertained. It was always an Aunty-give-me-cake-see-I'm-dancing gown that came with a monkey jacket and cap with rope, that I'd still be wearing to church and special occasions four years down the line. Phew!

3. Oversized shoes

For the life of me, I didn't understand why my mama would measure my foot with a broomstick and still come back home with a pair of black shoes (always black) three to four sizes bigger. She'll now shook paper, tissue or socks inside so it won't fall off my feet as I walk.


4. Goggles

Then, there were the goggles, my goodness!

We started with the simple but brightly coloured plastic ones. Those goggles that you have to be extra careful with because if it falls down like this ehn, the lenses were sure to come off and/or frames break.

Few years later, they invented the double-deckers. If you didn't have one of those, you weren't a cool kid. Then we had those that came with long rope you'd wear around your neck. Gosh!

5. Wristwatches

My Christmas fashion list won't be complete without the wristwatches. Chai!!! If you hear SCAM, that's exactly what those watches were, 'cause, they never worked. It was even more annoying because after paying big money for Father Christmas in my primary school, year in, year out, Santa always gave us this ridiculous wristwatch as present. See ehn, some schools cannot make heaven, at all!

Anyway, here are my top 5 Christmas Fashion Items as a kid. Which was yours?

Written by Bolaji Gelax a fun-filled personal/lifestyle blogger and she runs the Gelax Chatroom. Do well to visit her world and drop a word so she'll know you love me.


I literally laughed my ass out while reading this. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, especially because it brought back lots of childhood Christmas memories. So which of these items did you get as a child? Do well to share something with us in the comment section.

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A very Merry Christmas to y'all. Sending you loads of Love and Kisses!

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  1. Yaaaaay! I'm definitely getting a giveaway, right mammy? πŸ˜‚

    Thanks for hosting me, and merry Christmas to your blog family! ♥️✨

    1. Yes, Darling!
      Thank you!
      Merry Christmas Blog sis!

    2. πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡ me when I read giveaway.

    3. Lmao!
      Seme and giveaway are Siamese twins!

  2. Thank you Bolaji Gelax For making me laugh. I remember my episode of blowing my hair, it ended in premium tears.

    1. You're welcome. I bet it did because it was pure torture, manπŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


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