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How are y'all doing? I hope you're feeling as good as I am especially since it's just a week to Christmas. I really can't describe the excitement I feel at the thought of wrapping up 2020.

Okay, we will go into that later. Today's post is the first edition of the series I mentioned earlier in the month. Now this story was sent anonymously and I do hope you enjoy it. Hey, feel free to laugh, scream, jump, or even cry but don't hesitate to drop a word in the comment section.

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Thinking about it now, was it a mistake, or was it intentional?

So I met Jide a few months after my NYSC while I was job hunting.

We liked each other very much but I will be wrong to say we were in love. Jide and I complimented each other in a lot of ways, he's quite funny, real, and down to earth. 

Somehow we started dating though we both weren't working yet. Jide was a graduate too and I had thought he was done with service, I never asked though and he never told me either. I guess I just assumed based on observations.

On this special Christmas, he invited me to his family house. He told his parents he was coming back with his girlfriend, by the way, he is their eldest son and was well respected.

I confided in my aunty where I was going to, but I told my mum something else, though Jide's family house was in the same state as my family house but in different towns. 

Getting to his village, it felt like home, his mum left her room for me, a gesture I still cherish so much, unlike most African mums!

The dad treated me so well, and his siblings bonded so well with me mainly because they possess similar character as Jide.

Few times, I followed the Dad to the farm, just by the corner of the house to harvest yams and make a meal out of it. All of these made me feel like a potential daughter-in-law, a sister, and a fiancee all the same. Lolz. 

I know you are curious to know if we ate the forbidden fruit, you'll know as you read down.

Jide had his own room, so occasionally, we would steal some 'freaky' moments. I believe his siblings knew but will rather throw subtle and naughty shades at me saying... 'na ejima (twins) we want oo', we want fine girls like you', the baby should be tall like my brother ooo.

Jide has 5 brothers and 2 sisters, so it was a large family. But in all this, they are about the most lovely family I've known!

Just cause there's a beginning, it sadly ended unexpectedly!

In one of our 'freaky' moments while still in the village, we were just alone in the house and boom! He mistakenly put it in the wrong hole!

Ohhh!! That was when I understood the meaning of PAIN! I wriggled and groaned! Ahhh! I even wept! Nothing could console me, I was in excruciating pain. 

We went back to base after 2days, my spirit, soul, and body left the relationship, he didn't know why but I suddenly disliked him. He couldn't make me happy anymore, I just couldn't tell him why. Then something else happened and I capitalized on it and ended it the relationship.

His Call-Up Letter for NYSC came out, he didn't tell me but rather, he just said he was traveling.

Honestly, I believed he was done with service.

I felt betrayed and lied to because we gisted about our service years, unknown to me, his stories were all lies.

I was a friend, I deserved to be told the truth, it wasn't an issue at all. Though I lost a 'boyfriend', our friendship remained solid!

Merry Christmas in advance!!



Over to you my Fabulous Tory Lovers, what do you think about this? Let's reason together.

Is anal sex enough reason to end a relationship?

Do you think she over reacted?

Dishonesty in a relationship, what's your take?

Please don't read this 'freaky' tale and keep quiet. Let's meet in the comment section. Unless you don't want to receive your own Christmas gift from Yours Truly.

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  1. Ouch! Was it deliberate? We weren't told. Anal sex isn't orthodox, yet, some people get their high off the weirdest indulgences. If it is consensual, no big deal; however, if it is one partner sneaking it up on the other party, then abro or nne as the case may be, see as you take wound yourself ooo.

    1. Hmm.
      Wahala be like anal sex.
      For me it's a NO!
      Though I know there are people who enjoy, I strongly believe it should be a mutual thing not by force or craftily.

  2. Ewwwooooo .... Hahahahahahahah!! ! To some of us, anal is a total NO!!! I would walk away too if I were the one.
    Honesty is my watchword no matter what. I can easily forgive when told the truth. Egweelleekkeeeee... Freaky-freaky gone south!! LOL

    1. My dear, we're in the same category o.
      Real freaky gone south! Lolz.

  3. Hahaha, wahala for go do freaky freaky for village.
    Anal sex is a capital NO for me. That hole already going through a lot of shit and you want to overburden it with gbola Hia! She would have forgiven him since it was an error of freaky moment but I guess the relationship wasn't meant to be. So na e go be tins.

    1. Gbam!
      That place really goes a whole lot of shit no be say you talk am.
      Yeah, I don't think it was meant to be although it sounded like an exciting relationship.

  4. Was it with her consent? Insincerity is good enough reason to end a relationship. As for going through the back door, your conscience is able to make that judgment.

    1. Not with her consent o.
      Na there kasala burst.
      Dishonesty is a big turn for some people.

  5. This one na serious ANALysis 😂

    1. Oh dear.
      See how hard I laughed at your comment.
      Serious ANALysis!😂😂😂😂


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