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My Fabulous Tory Lovers!

How y'all doing? I know today's the 3rd day in December, but then, Happy New Month y'all! You know we have not officially welcomed ourselves to the new month. That's not how we do! In addition to the fact that December is the last month of the year 2020, it is filled with lots and lots of good tidings, I am pumped up already!

Guess what? We survived 2020! Isn't that awesome? I don't think any other thing matters most except our survival. We ain't in any way better than those who didn't make it  but here we are, (in the words of my girlfriend, Ayobami Fasusi,) bouncing like a soccer ball.

A minute silence for the souls we lost this year.


So in the spirit of the season, I have some exciting news for y'all. First, let me make it clear that this month is going to be absolutely different from others. I have lined up a good number of blog posts and you are definitely going to love it. I promise.

Hey, it's the month of Christmas, you shouldn't expect less you know. Here on the Tory Teller's blog, we will be featuring a couple of guest writers from within and outside Nigeria, Yep! You heard me, we're going International People!

My heart is filled with joy, gladness and a bit of ztyhrjlkprwe.(Don't ask me what that means, you should be used to it by now) Lolz. That's why I have my dancing shoes on. We gonna rock this month people!

One of the series we will be running will be in commemoration with the Christmas and it is title: "Christmas memories". So you can start sending in your write ups on your Best Christmas Celebration or your Worst Christmas Celebration. Yeah, we know there are times when things don't work out the we plan. If a well planned wedding can still flop, how much more a celebration. Life is always full of ups and downs, remember?

This is also another opportunity to relive our childhood Christmas experience too. If there is something remarkable that happened when you were still young, please share with us. You know how much I love Childhood memories, and gist of course. I must confess, without gist, life will be so boring, you agree right?

I promise you it will be a wonderful ride, both entertaining, informative, educating, and so much more. You can send your story via mail to and be rest assured that you will be featured on the blog. Do well to add your picture, that is if you don't mind. You know what they say about pictures, it's worth a thousand words.

Having been through the hurdles of 2020, I will be doing a 31 days Gratitude Challenge and I have tagged it: "31 Things I am Grateful for". Please feel free to join me on this. There is nothing more that we owe God for bringing us this far than to give him thanks.

Well, these are just a few of what will take place on the blog this month. The other plans will be unveiled as we progress.

Now, before I wrap up these announcements if you are sure you want to enjoy this festive month of December, and you have not subscribed to The Tory Teller's blog, hmm, e go hard o. Just do yourself a favour and click the subscribe button at the top of this post. Darling, it's free of charge! Every new post will be sent to you directly, that's the advantage of subscribing.

This will be one of the best decisions you will make this year. Open your heart and allow me in, you'll be glad to have me as a part of your life, that's a guarantee. Do me a favour, share the link to this blog with your friends and loved ones, also encourage them to subscribe too. Thank you in advance!

Please if this is your first time of visiting the blog, I say a Big welcome to the world of Tory Lovers. Kindly drop a word in the comment section so that we can give you the first timers acknowledgement and serve you refreshment too.

Remember, I love you and I am rooting for you. I can't wait for us all to cross over to 2021 in grand style. Most gist coming up soon. Stay tuned.




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© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Hollop! I just read through and through and I did not see my name for give away😂 don't let us fight o.

    Meanwhile, what in Uzebba is ztyhrjlkprwe ?😂😂😂

    1. Seme Gold, you have to be calming down na.
      Is this how you will represent us when we travel out of Nigeria?
      Don't worry your name is in the book of life and that's all that matters.
      Give away plenty!

  2. Bumper to bumper package 🥳🥳🥳

  3. Yesssssssssssss...
    So excited to witness the end of 2020, and it can only get better.

    Looking forward to the Christmas memories series!


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