Her breasts were quite large, bigger than mangoes but slightly smaller than watermelons. 

It didn't taste like any other thing than salty flesh but I noticed that the more I sucked on them, the more she pulled my head in and made a funny sound while her hand rummaged every part of my body.

First my head, neck, and shoulders, then my chest which was about 0.001% of hers.

I felt funny but couldn't explain what butterflies were doing inside stomach until she took my right hand and used it to caress her body down to her lower abdomen even putting it into her pant.

I raised my head to look at her face, then she smiled and told me to relax that she would do something to make me happy.

Before I could understand what she meant she placed her mouth on my peanut breast, sucked a little, and began kissing me all over my body even down there.

The butterflies increased in number as she took off my pants and spread my legs. I wanted to object but I liked how I was feeling. She kissed my navel then started caressing my vagina with her right hand.

"Aunty Joke," I said gently as I raised my head to look into her face again.

"Bella, you know you're my baby right?" she asked me with a twinkle in her eyes.

This is the same person who had bathed, fed, and taken care of me for the past 10 years, she possibly can't do me any harm.

"Yes, I know."

"Relax, let me make feel happy tonight."

I didn't need anyone to convince me that I was in safe hands so I rested my head on the pillow while my beloved Aunty Joke used her tongue on me till my body started jerking several times.

I was later made to understand that I had become a woman since I have experienced my first ejaculation.

After that night, Aunty Joke and I always made each other feel happy with our hands and tongue on every part of our body.

I began to look forward to spending the night in her bed. My parents didn't notice anything except that I no longer cared about their absence.

As a matter of fact, I preferred the spent more time away from home so that Aunty Joke and I could have fine to pleasure ourselves without interruption.

By the time I was to go to secondary school, I pleaded with my parents that I didn't want to go to the boarding house because I knew I would miss my beloved Aunty Joke.

We had never stayed without exploring our bodies for more than a week. I was now addicted to her. We only took a break when we had our individual periods.

I'm sure my mum doesn't even know when I started menstruating because it was my Aunty Joke that told me all about puberty. My parents insisted I lived in the hostel and life has not remained the same since then.

I can't find anyone to pleasure me like my Aunty Joke. My body always longs for her touch every time I am alone.

After the first term in school, I anticipated the holiday when I'll go back home to the only person in the world that truly loves me and makes me happy.

To my astonishment, Aunty Joke was gone! Mum said her people requested she returned home since her father was very sick to the point of death.

How could they do this to me? I couldn't sleep, eat, think, or be useful to myself or anyone.

Nobody could understand why I was almost losing my mind as I considered tracing Aunty Joke to her village. Night after night I longed for her until I began to touch myself the way she used to. 

It was not the same but it calmed me to an extent. I have decided to get someone else among my close friends in school to share this pleasure with when I return next term.

I hope that Aunty Joke would come home to me once again, soon. I love Aunty Joke, she means the world to me.


Hey People,

I wish I could ask if you enjoyed the story but I can't. It's a very unfortunate, sad, and devastating tale of a teenage girl whose life has been disfigured by her parents' nonchalance. negligence and irresponsibility.

We can't deny the fact that this happens in our society even as we speak, I am still in talks with the girl in question. To say I am speechless is an understatement. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and help correct what has gone amiss in this little girl's life.

Dear all, Parenting is not an easy job so if you are not ready for it, please, I beg you in the name of everything that you hold dear, don't birth a child. Bringing a child to this world and leaving him/her at the mercy of others is not acceptable.

We must do right by accepting our responsibility and performing it to the fullest. Your child is solely your responsibility, if others try to help, that's okay but on no account should you be too busy to take proper care of that child.

Let me hear from you all. What do you think should have been done and what do you think can still be done for my dear Bella?

See you in the comment section. Don't hesitate to share this story so that others can learn a lesson or two. The Tory Teller loves you, always!






Photo credit: Hilda Duka


© Onyinye Udeh


  1. .....There's this campaign against leaving kids with an older opposite sex, this has actually created a window of carelessness on same sex harassment /indulgence in immoral activities. Parents should pay more attention to kids and Everyone that stays with them irrespective of gender.

    1. And the world gets crazier daily!
      We must protect our young ones by all means!

  2. Hmmm, the child has been introduced into something disastrous. She needs help,since you are still discussing with her. I advice you find a way of pointing her Mum in this direction. Parenting,has to be a conscious decision by both parties. God help us all 🙏

    1. Thank you for your response ma. God will help us but we must play our part accordingly.

  3. Ooohhhh a very devastating story !! While we pray as parents, parenting by observation and keen attention to kid's attitudes is paramount. We sure need to do much.

    1. My dear, a lot needs to be done.
      We must be very deliberate and intentional with parenting.

  4. Let me start by saying, "Can we bloody stop rushing people into getting married or having kids when they are not ready?!"

    That said, I honestly wish I had something wise to say to Bella. These things happen, children are exposed to a lot of things from a very young age which is usually they formative years.

    I could blame the parents but then, I don't know why they were so hung on their career. It would be totally unfair to judge them without knowing the full story. Their side of the story, at least.

    I could blame aunty Joke, but it doesn't seem like she planned what happened.

    My point is, I don't have a good reason to blame anyone in this story. Not even the society, which is what most of us do.

    I can only hope and pray that Bella gets the needed counselling. She's suffered a bit in her young years and she needs help to navigate the rest of her life better.


    1. Hmm. It's in our nature to always blame someone for every wrong action.
      But I still think that Bella's parents failed somewhere.
      I am not against them having a maid or chasing their careers, not at all. The problem is finding a balance. It is possible to.
      I am a career woman and a mother too so I will confidently tell you that it is challenging. Anyone who tells you that parenting is easy is lying.
      When I hear such stories I weep. I know the sacrifices I have had to make to keep my family going, by the way, nobody explains all of this before marriage or childbirth.
      We all learn on the job.
      There are career women who are still able to balance it with parenting irrespective of how tough it is.
      We need to sensitive people to deliberately take up their responsibilities so that we can raise the right generation that would take after us.
      So help me God!

  5. This is so heartbreaking. Bella was sexually groomed by the one person she loved and trusted, it's unfortunately going to take a long time to realise that isn't love but she is a victim of pedophilia. Thank you for shedding light on how women especially nannies sometimes take advantage of the vulnerability of children to abuse them. I hope Bella finds healing❤

    1. A very heart breaking tale indeed.
      I hope we can help Bella.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  6. This is truly sad and painful. I shudder to imagine the damage already done to this child's person and future relationships. Its a long road to healing, but I hope and pray she finds it, I also hope society will be kind to the person she would be on that journey.

    1. I hope and pray same too.
      The world is getting crazier daily.
      God help us to do what we should when we should.

  7. Hmmm, lots of lessons learnt, even self realization.

  8. Some parents need parenting themselves. There is nothing wrong with being in love with your career and wanting the most out of it. However, do not tag along marriage and parenting as part of your "To do list" in the course of that. We are tired of halfbaked parents and the effect it have for their kids. The damage keeps going round. It is disheartening!!!

    1. Exactly. That's why I said if you are not ready to face the challenges of parenting in totality, please don't have kids
      God help us to have sense!

  9. Dear Bella,

    I can't describe how I felt reading your story.

    Your innocence was snatched by someone you trusted and it was not your fault.

    I wish you healing.

    May these memories be buried in the sands of time!


  10. Hmmm, this was so heartbreaking for me to read.

    Like BG mentioned above, we do not know why her parent has chosen to crazily chase after their careers with reckless abandon. I am not sure they even have the time to look after themselves.

    The deed is done already and we can only remedy whatever has been done. It's a good thing you are talks in talks with her.
    I think her parent should carefully be informed about what is going on with their child. If this is not done with wisdom it may break them and further push her away.

    She will also be needing counseling, preferably a psychologist and not a "pastor or church member thing" and proper follow up.

    She will also need to go through some form of cleansing. Sex is spiritual and a part of her will always be with Aunty Joke unless she's detached spiritually.

    Lastly, she will be needing plenty of loveeeeeeee and everyone around her should be ready to give it and also accommodate some of her shortcomings in her trying period until she gets her self back.
    Hugs and kisses to her.

    1. Dear Seme Gold, thank you for this wise counsel.
      Indeed she needs all the love, care, counsel and support she can get right especially from her parents and a good therapist.

  11. The power dynamics, mixed in with a little bit of grooming equals very misplaced trust. This shouldn't have been.

    This is truly enlightening plus, KOB, forget! You dey write!

    1. You have said it all.
      This shouldn't have been!
      Thank you my dear friend!


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