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I hope you're making the best of February as expected. Still in the season of love, I told y'all that the next episode of this special story from our guest writer would be posted before you expect, well, here it is.

And if you are just joining this intriguing love ride, here is: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, and Part 6. We are gradually coming to the end of the story. Enjoy!

Amara sprang up from the bed, sweating profusely as her whole body trembled.

“Oh my God! It was just a dream. Thank goodness," she panted.

The force at which she rose from sleep woke Milan.

“What is it, Ama?” she asked.

“I had a terrible dream” Ama replied amidst fear and a whole trembling body.

Milan held unto her and assured her that everything was alright.

“It’s just a bad dream, okay? You’re fine now. We are all here. Don’t be scared. Calm down, okay? Let’s go back to sleep.”

She reluctantly laid down on the bed.

Milan slept off almost immediately but Ama couldn’t sleep.

The dream didn’t leave her head. She was wondering if there was more to that dream or if it was just an ordinary ‘malaria oriented’ dream.

Then she remembered the kiss. Running her forefinger through her lips, a mixture of emotions came flooding her head. 





Then there came the butterflies in her belly.

She didn’t understand that last feeling but she sure hated the fact that the touch from a guy could make her feel that way.

It’s sinful. A child of God shouldn’t kiss a guy. Okay, in my defense, I didn’t kiss him but a child of God shouldn’t like it. Now that’s the problem. I really did like it. I really really really liked it. No! I don’t like it, I loved it."

I need to go for confessions.

I told daddy I didn’t want to come here. I told him they’ll corrupt me but he insisted. Now look at it, just second semester, I’ve already kissed a guy..... No, a guy has already kissed me. I feel dirty yet happy. I’m just a confused fellow. Gosh, this university is confusing me. I need to get it together. Get it together AMARACHUWU JANE-FRANCIS OZOH.

She thought to herself not knowing she was speaking out.

“Wait! You guys kissed?" Milan asked in a whisper.

Amara kept quiet and pretended not to hear her. She couldn’t believe Milan was awake and was listening to her soliloquy. 

Milan shoved her.

“Don’t pretend to be sleeping now, I heard you loud and clear. You kissed Mr handsome, right?"

“I didn’t intend to. He kissed me. I don’t know how to tell you guys. Please don’t tell Gina. She’ll kill me. You know she likes him and I don’t. She’ll think I’m just a pretender. Don’t tell her please.”

Milan wanted to hear the whole gist so she promised not to tell Gina only if Amara would tell her everything that happened that night, even to the last tiny detail.

Amara succumbed to her request and told her everything.

Milan listened as she grinned from ear to ear. She assured Amara that Dennis really did like her and encouraged her to give him a chance. Amara reminded her that a future reverend sister must never have a boyfriend.

They decided to stay awake a little bit more before going to bed.


Written by Munachi Kyrian

Anticipate the next episode shortly.

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