Today, I stood in front of my dressing mirror, naked. As usual.

I took time to admire me, with all sincerity I make bold to say that I am indeed a beauty to behold.

I starred at the hair on my finely shaped head, very full black and slightly tinted gold strands of dreadlocks. Unique and glorious.

Have you really seen my face? I mean without makeup. In the morning it looks like sunshine after a stormy night. My face radiates when I have just had a bath, like right now.

My eyes are perfectly fitted into their socket and so is every other part of my face, small nose, luscious lips, and attentive ears.

I noticed the pimples on my face though they don't make me feel less attractive in any way.

My neck is just perfect, strong to carry my head irrespective of the million and one thoughts that take place there.

As for my shoulders, I think I carry them well enough for someone who bears the kind of burden that I do.

Then I stared at my chest, my bosom and they remind me of motherhood. A journey I began almost 12 years ago, no, I don't regret it even if these breasts are not as firm as they used to be.

Their enlargement, especially the aureola and nipple is a reward. I like them most importantly because they still pleasure the one with who I exchanged marital vows.

"Your breasts are seductively beautiful!" He always says to me. "I wonder why you always have to cage them in a bra whenever you're going out of the house." His words are true.

My vision travels down to my stomach. Now, this part of my body actually makes me chuckle. I can't help it, they really do look funny. The flappy, blanket-like, loose piece of flesh. They've house 2 absolutely fantastic offsprings, and who knows, it may be home to another soonest. They can fold for all I care, I look amazing for a 2 Star General.

Still looking into the mirror, I take my eyes down, to the V-Shaped garden where several conferences, meetings, and deliberations have taken place. You don't wanna know what my thoughts are about that place but, if a full-fledged man with blood flowing through his veins is always wanting to go in there, you should know that it's full of Honey.

As for my legs, they're perfect. Not straight but full with slightly knocked knees. They tirelessly carry me about with ease, I love them. My feet are almost a replica of my hands when it comes to beauty. My fingernails and toenails are a perfect match. They don't even need artificial nails to make them stand out.

Let me summarize this by saying that, I do not in any way look like what I have been through in my almost 36 years of existence.

I look at me and the word that best resonates with how I feel is GORGEOUS, absolutely GORGEOUS.

No doubt, God did an outstanding job when creating me because I am a work of art!


Dedicated to every woman in the world. A gentle reminder that you possess so much power in you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I have titled this post, Happy Intentional Women's Day because I want you to also remember who you are irrespective of what you have been through. Be Intentional about you and what makes you happy. And please never settle for less.

Dear Woman, adjust your crown and keep Queening!


The Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you, today and always.

Happy Women's Day.





Photo credit: Forbes

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Can I marry you, please? Ah ahn! See as you described yourself as if you're still in the market searching 😁🤩

    Love eeeeeet! 😍

    Happy Women's Day, Mammy! ♥️✨

    1. Hahaha.
      In fact, I have married you already.
      Thanks my darling Bj.
      Happy Women's Day to you too.

    2. Look at you BJ! me that have already gone to do "door knocking" things. Giving that Anambra man a run for his money.

    3. Hahahaha.
      Seme oooo.
      Please come and marry me already.
      Thanks Darling.
      Happy Women's Day!

  2. Wow, am now doubting if I love myself enough. Lemme go check myself well well in the mirror... Happy women's day

    1. Please check well, dear.
      You deserve all the love in the world.
      I love you too for stopping by.
      Happy Women's Day!

  3. This description is beauuutiful.
    I love it!
    Kudos, Onyinye.

  4. My love, I certainly love this

  5. Yessssss. E for energy. If you see the way I fell in love with myself after reading this post. Let work close let me go and stare at my naked body in the mirror and marvel.
    Happy International Women's Day, my Chineme ❤️

    1. Yaaaay!
      Na so!
      You are a work of art my Darling.
      Take time and admire the works of the Lord.
      Happy Women's Day dear.

    2. My reaction, too o! Na to go stand in front of mirror to stare at the glory God has crafted therein.

    3. Please by all means do.
      Admire the art work of God.

  6. Please o, are we suppose to carry out this same exercise you just described? and was your husbandman with you while you while doing all this? please answer my jamb question o.

    Kai! you are fine sha
    Happy International Women's Day ToryTeller

    1. Seme of life!
      Please don't waste time and go do your own examination biko.
      No I don't need Anambra man's presence for this self examination.
      Admire and praise yourself then come and give us feedback.

  7. Wow! Your husband is certainly a blessed man. Every description depicts the Perfection of God's handiwork, the Masterpiece of His Creation.

    My dear, you're blessed!
    Keep Queening!

    1. Ayeeeee!
      Thank you very much Sir John.
      Happy women's day to my dear Sugar!

  8. This is beautiful, ToryTeller! I loveeeet!


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