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I'm am so sorry that this particular story from our guest writer has lingered this long, no, it wasn't intentional. It was as a result of circumstances beyond my control. And if you are joining this story for the first time, here are previous episodes Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7, and Part 8.

But hey, the story gets more interesting now, enjoy...


"I wanted to be a Reverend Sister from the time I was little. Though I always wanted to be chaste I find it strange that every man that comes in contact with me wants a part of me that I know I can't share. I have escaped rape more than I can count. My cousin was the first to try to sexually abuse me when I was seven. I knew what he wanted to do wasn't okay so I refused, threatening to tell Ubah, my brother, that was why he let me be. The last one happened after I wrote my WAEC. Ubah's childhood friend came to our house one afternoon. I told him that my brother wasn't around. He said he would wait for him in the living room. I went inside my room since I had nothing to do in the living room. A few minutes later, he barged into my room startling me. I asked if everything was okay and he nodded but kept coming towards me. I got scared knowing fully well that I was alone at home. He grabbed me without saying anything threw me on the bed. I tried pushing his hands off me as he struggled to pull my skirt off, but he was obviously stronger than me. He pulled down my skirt and ripped my pants. I knew I had no other option than to fight for my life.  I fought back as much as I could. He knew I wasn't going to give in to his demands easily so he decided to beat me up. I kept fighting and screaming my head off. He beat me beyond recognition, he even stabbed me severally on my laps..."

At this point, Amara got teary and paused for a moment.

Then she continued.

"...I lost a lot of blood. I decided he either give up or I die fighting but never to give in to his demands. My strength was almost failing me when Ubah my brother rushed into the room. I could remember seeing him before I passed out. I woke up 9 days later in a hospital. I was told my brothers nearly killed him before getting him arrested. He was charged to court and jailed. This was a guy I grew up seeing in my house, eating and dining with us. He sleeps in my house as if he was a member of my family and my family trusted him. When I was little, I used to think I had three brothers cause I counted him as one. My parents paid his fees sometimes because he spent the entire holiday with us. Our parents go for their visiting day together. He was virtually family, so why he would do such a thing completely baffles me."

"I concluded that if Tayo could do such a thing to me, then every man is a prospective predator. I am no longer giving any chance. I just don't want to be caught off guard..." Adara finished.

She was cleaning her teary face when Dennis broke the silence.

"I'm truly and deeply sorry for what you've been through. I have no words to describe how I feel right now. I now understand better. It's a terrible experience for anyone to pass through. I'm so sorry about that. I truly am, Ama," Dennis said calmly.

"It's not your fault," Ama said as she sniffed through her sentences, "stop apologizing already"

Dennis wanted to go closer and hold her in his arm, clean her eyes and assure her everything will be fine but he didn't want to worsen her emotional state right now.

He sat down there quietly until he sensed that she felt a bit better. He asked her to lie down and rest more while he took his leave. Amara smiled and thanked him for the food and company. He smiled back at her and waved her goodbye.

It wasn't long when Gina and Milan came back. They asked Ama what she wanted to eat but to their surprise, she told them that Dennis made food for her to eat. Gina was not only surprised, but she was also shocked that their darling Sister Mary friend could invite a guy over when she was home alone.

She was so inquisitive to know all that happened but Amara wasn't strong enough to give her 'tales by moonlight'. It was kinda frustrating her but Milan seemed unperturbed.

Gina got more frustrated by Milan's nonchalant behaviour towards the gist she was craving for. She got so upset when she sensed that the duo were hiding something from her. She openly told them that she wouldn't ask them about that incident again but she secretly vowed to find out whatever it is they were hiding.


Written by Munachi Kyrian

I hope you enjoyed this, next episode coming up shortly.





Photo credit: Twitter, DNA India

© Onyinye Udeh


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