Dear Ex-Lover,

I know this letter would meet you not only in good health and sound mind but with happiness, one that you couldn't find when we were together. If you're wondering how I know this, let me confess, I have been stalking you, please forgive me.

First, I am glad you didn't block my number on WhatsApp, how else would I have followed your status and known what has been happening in your life? Thank you also for not blocking me on your social media platforms, I follow you keenly. I just can't stay away from you. Even if I can't have you, I sincerely want to be sure that all is well with you.

You can't blame me, I have lost my peace of mind since we parted ways. Before I begin this letter, let me say a big congratulations on your engagement. No, I didn't hear it from anyone, I saw the videos and pictures you uploaded, very lovely indeed. I have never doubted your taste, he is such a fine man I must admit and you two look good together. Now you know I am jealous!

Although I somehow wish that you would break up with him and give me a chance, one last chance. I know I messed up big time. I won't argue with that fact. I didn't treat you right. Till date, I can never really tell what made me feel that I would have you forever and that you would put up with my inconsiderate and selfish attitude for long.

I wish I had become wise early enough to see the treasure that had been tossed on my lap. The period we were together I was living like a maggot in bacon not minding that you made so many sacrifices to make life comfortable for me. I took your love for granted. Such a jerk I was!

I still recall all the times I should have given you more attention and made you a priority but I assumed that you would always be there and there was no need to hurry into a commitment with you. I really did screw the pooch when I thought that you would be mine forever after all it was obvious that you were in love with me.

You may have doubted my love for you but I swear I genuinely love you maybe I was too proud to show it. Now I understand what they say that 'You don't know the value of something until you lose it'. I have lost a rare gem, one I can never retrieve.

I miss you so much and I still grab my phone every morning to check if your early morning message would drop like before, even if it was in error. Honestly, they made me feel special and have a positive start for the day. I wonder why I never told you this when we were still together.

This letter may come to you as a resounding gong I know but I thought I should bear my heart out to you hoping that I may eventually find peace of mind. I am lost without you. Please pray for me, that I may find someone half as good as you.

In the words of the music Icon, Celine Dion, Goodbye's the saddest word!


Happy New Month People!

I hope you're excited about April as much as I am.

Well, today's post was birthed from a place of advancement and in a bid to get rid of Negative Vibe like I mentioned earlier in the year.

It's goodbye to that relationship that has been draining you. I am guessing that someone here can relate to the words from the letter above. If you do, please do well to share with us in the comment section.

This is just a gentle reminder that anyone who constantly steals your peace is not worth keeping, please move on and you'll be amazed to see what better things await you.

So this is me wishing you the best of the month of April.

Never forget The Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you always.





Photo credit: Facebook, and Tenor

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Well said... I wonder why we even stick around long enough to be broken...lord give us wisdom.

    1. Amen.
      Like the Bible says, wisdom is the principal thing, in all your getting get wisdom.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. April Is going on well already.
    ToryTeller, please I want to know the long and short of this letter.

    But seriously, is it that people who treat their partners like trash take a leave of their brains when in that relationship? Because once it ends, they suddenly realize how bad they've been and start to write an epistle.
    May God teach us to be better people in relationships with everyone around us.

    1. My dear, I am as baffled as you are.
      I just wonder what exactly goes on in their mind.
      There's really no excuse for treating people like trash. If you don't want to be with that person don't even lead them on in the first place.
      God help us to be kind in our dealings with others remembering the scripture that says, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!"

  3. Wowowow........
    I don't know how I can like this story more than one time because I can easily relate. You have spoken from the bottom of my heart but I won't share the story with my ext the fact that our communication seems to be different...

    Thank you so much plizzzzzzzzz

    1. Thank you for stopping by dear Casa.
      I'd really love to hear your story though I hope you find one that deserves you and brings more happiness than you ever expect.


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