It is a common belief that when you have a child you become a mother but when you have the second child, you become a referee! I'm sure the mothers reading this post can totally relate.

Initially, I thought this only happened when the age difference between the kids is not much, like a year, two, or three years. Oh! how wrong I was!

Surprisingly, there are 6 good years between my daughter and son but they still argue, quarrel, and fight like Tom and Jerry! Sometimes in a bid to escape their wahala, I will take my phone and lock myself up in the restroom to avoid shouting and unnecessary headache.

Unfortunately, the restroom is no longer a safe haven for me because they will still come and start presenting their cases to me right there.

Sammy will start by saying, "Mummy, haven't you finished 'pupuing'?"

As if there is a specific period of time allocated for using the restroom and I am not supposed to exceed the time. Oh! mehn!

When there is no response, the next thing you will hear is, "Mummy, but I want to tell you something." Then his sister will be in the background shouting, "Mummy don't mind him! He's the one that started beating me first!"

At this point, the argument proceeds to the front of the restroom with different forms of accusations flying back and forth like, "it's not me, it's you! It's a lie! You're lying! Is it not you that..."

Did I mention that I entered the restroom with my earpiece? How can I forget a very important instrument that helps me protect my sanity? The moment they notice I am not responding they will start banging on the door.

"Mummy, are you still there?"

"Mummy, you are not saying anything!"

That's Sammy's cry of concern. Lolz.

Here's Jack aka Sammy or Jerry

After a while, the little bird of wisdom will perch on my daughter's head and she'll say, "Mummy has warned us to stop disturbing her in the restroom but you will not hear, you better come out because once she comes out she'll flog somebody!"

And her brother will respond by saying, "Is it not you that started it?"

Of course, she will give her own response as they head out.

Once Jack and Jill climb up the hill to fetch a pail of water and take their argument back to where they brought it from, I can have a few minutes of sanity before my referee duty begins again.

Here's Jill aka Presh, she refuses to be called Tom

Being a mother is not an easy job at all. More Grace to all Mothers!

What's the most interesting argument you have heard among children? Your kids, nieces, nephews, little cousins, family friends, or neighbours? Please share with us in the comment section.

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Photo credit: Premium Times Nigeria, Shutterstock.

© Onyinye Udeh


  1. 🤣🤣🤣 this cracked me up a bit. I learned to block the arguments my little sisters have. It's like background music am a professional blocker. You will be right in front of me fighting and I will not be listening.

    1. Hahaha!
      Different types of survival instincts.
      I can imagine.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I can't relate now, but when i have my triplets, I will come back to this post.
    Thank you for sharing, Onyinye.

    1. Amen to your triplet prayers.
      I will be right here waiting to hear your experience with them.
      Wishing you grace and strength.
      Thanks for stopping by dear Kemiclassico.

  3. Omo! This fight no be here o, recently my older daughter said to the younger "stop thinking about me"
    Me, I just weak😂😂😂

    1. And yes, I noticed the new domain name @Torytellersblog.com🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂. Congrats mami.
      Wey my dollars before I bomb somebody

    2. Wait o, I don't understand.
      How did she know she was in her sister's thoughts?
      Na wa ooooo.
      This children are now using those powers that Indabosky has never touched or used before.

    3. OluwaSeme just shift to one side let me see road abeg.
      After you saw question papers before the exam.
      Come and collect dollars na.
      I dey Lagos dey wait you.
      Thanks for stopping our new domain name.
      Isn't that awesome?
      Oya send ya akant namba let me freaky you!


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