Helloooooooo People!

Guess what?


Okay, this time I am not writing in caps, let me behave myself and respect my age. 36 and still behaving like a child. Oh boy! What is even wrong with me?

You lie!



On a more serious textbook, this post is aimed at celebrating me for the most minutest (if there's a word like that) achievement. Even the Bible says, "Do not despise these small beginnings...."(Zachariah 4:10)

So from my last birthday till date, a lot has happened and it'll be nice to share with y'all hoping that someone would be encouraged.

By this time last year, while we were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was home with my family like every other person. My kids were pressuring me to prepare some of the delicacies they saw on FoodNetwork, DSTV. This children sha.

Anyway, I was inspired to try out some recipes I hadn't had time for in a long while, so we started cooking and baking carnival. It was during this time that I made chinchin for my family because I noticed that they always wanted something to snack on as food had become our safe haven. You can read up on that here.

After then, my sister-in-law visited me, ate some of my amazing chinchin, and asked that I make some for her. It didn't take long my siblings started demanding it too and the next thing I know, I started getting orders from their friends and colleagues!

WOW! Just like that!

My Anambra man encouraged me to start producing in large quantities so I could meet up with the demands.

Today I am proud to unveil my product, O'chops is a delicious and hygienically prepared homemade snack for your consumption. You can place your order by calling, texting, or sending a DM to 08037743106 if you are in Lagos, Nigeria.

So this is an addition to my productions. By now you should know that I make the best and healthy Hibiscus drink in Lagos State.

I recently was interviewed by one of the top relationship bloggers in Nigeria, with My Anambra man of course, and you can read up that on Kemiclassico's blog where we share details of our journey of friendship and love for the past 16 years. You can also watch my interview on YouTube with Gail of Lagos. It is full dose entertainment, that I can assure you.

I have mentioned that 2020 was good for me? It may come as a surprise but that is what I is. I do not take little progress for granted. One of the reasons I am grateful is my community of bloggers in Africa, Afro bloggers. Their love, support, inspiration, and motivation are incomparable. How Tory Teller's blog got nominated for an award under the category of Creative Writing is still beats my imagination. No, I didn't win but I was humbled by the recognition. Hey, you looking at an Award Nominee here, give me some respect!

Through this platform, I have met other bloggers in various parts of the continent and world too. I couldn't ask for a better connection. I have also had the opportunity to feature some of these talented creatives on my blog and also get to do the same for some of them too. Who would have thought? You can read up their post in the Christmas Memories.

By the way, your favourite Tory Teller's blog has a new domain name! One that you can easily remember too. We are now www.torytellersblog.com

Isn't that Amazing?!

Now let me use this opportunity to reintroduce myself to you.

I am Onyinye Udeh aka Tory Teller, wife, mother, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, businesswoman and soon to be Author! I wear many hats and I can be anything I want to be with pride too.

Hey, hold your horses, before you start thinking that I have arrived, I am still in the process of becoming and I employ you to join me on this journey of life that I am embarking especially with the new phase I just entered.

Once again, I say a big thank you to all who have been with me and given their undiluted support. I really do appreciate you. I am greatly motivated by your encouragement and I super elated to be doing life with you all by my side. I promise to constantly bring you undiluted humour as you now know that that is one of my recipes on this blog.

Having said that, I would be starting a new series on childbirth. Yep, you heard me right. I will be sharing all the details of mothers' experiences from conception, gestation, delivery and postpartum. Be rest assured that you will get first-hand info on what it is to go through this process. Yeah, I know we Africans find it difficult to share such sensitive information. Mothers keep telling their daughters that when it is time they would find out. Well, you know Yours Truly holds no barrel when it comes to such matters that people always sweep under the carpet.

All you need to do is stay with me and enjoy the ride, as I open the eyes of your understanding and give you better insight into childbirth. Don't forget to click the subscribe button at the top if you have not already subscribed to this blog and become a part of this wonderful Family.

Shout out to all those reading from within and outside Nigeria and Africa. You are the best!

I love you all and you know I am rooting for you.

Once again, Happy 16th Birthday to Tory Teller!





© Onyinye Udeh


  1. ToryTeller, jor makpa mii na!
    Only you is you that the after you is you and you.
    Biko don't ask me what that means o because we are in the birthday season so we can do anyhow😜😜😜

    Omo! God is good o!
    Congratulations on all the achievement and this is just even the beginning.
    God bless and increase you always.

    1. OluwaSeme, you know I love you right?
      You give me the right ginger always!

  2. Keep the ball rolling!! We're right beside you.

    1. Yaaaay!😘
      Thanks my Darling. Glad to have you beside me.

  3. Chai...Onyinye, I am so proud of you!
    Keep winning!
    Keep succeeding!
    You deserve the very best and I look forward to the Childbirth series.

    1. Thank you my Darling Kemiclassico!
      You are one of the people who always give me moral support and ginger!
      God bless you!

  4. Pearl @36. Happy Birthday the one and only. Keep winning dear.

  5. Wow. 16 is treating you right.
    Can't wait for the child birth series. I will base wether am having another child on that.����������

    1. Yaaaay!
      Thanks a lot Darling.
      I'm sure you'll enjoy the series.

  6. Happy Happy Belated Birthday!
    Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far.
    Cheers to more wins! I hope your new year will be one of the best!

    1. Ahh I didn't add my name! πŸ˜‚
      My name is Wonani! I'll do it right next time lol

    2. Awww😘😘😘
      It's so lovely of you to identify yourself.
      Thank you for stopping by and for the birthday wishes too.

  7. Awww.
    Thanks my darling, justyn love.
    I see you!


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